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About this site

I created this site because I wanted to do more than just go to church on Sundays and feely fuzzy and warm that, by doing so, I am reserving myself a place in the eternal kingdom.

It also seemed a good idea because I imagine there must be plenty of people out there who would feel uncomfortable about approaching people they know or their local pastor with their deepest, most secret problems. It must be easier to express one’s honest thoughts anonymously on the internet.

I’d say I grew up naturally conscious of God, and it was not until around the age of six that I discovered not all people believe in his existence, or that some are simply against him. It rather baffled me. Eventually I fell out with him for a number of years, for personal reasons as explained in my testimony, but this gave me the desire and “opportunity” to dabble extensively in atheistic readings. At least I now have an insight into that mentality and can better discuss issues with people of such beliefs.

Eventually I came back to Christ, visited many different churches and denominations, heard many views with an open mind, and came to the conclusion that I don’t necessarily fit into any one of them, as “we are all parts of the same body of Christ”. Many churches seemed to portray themselves on the “real and true path” (insinuating that all the rest will burn in hell), or their message seemed rather watered-down and designed to fill the basket and not ruffle too many feathers. Eventually I felt I was more productive with my time by simply reading the bible.

Read that twice and it was getting increasingly more difficult to motivate myself to read it further. Eventually I realized I was not reading enough and that perhaps it would be a good idea to expand my reading. Up until then I was worried that additional reading might stray me from the true path, but now I find that the dimensions of God are so great that, if we seek the truth with a sincere heart, we cannot be led astray. With an open mind I expanded it with additional reading, and believe it has helped me to grasp how much greater God is than my limited mind was previously able to perceive.

I can understand how people who specialize in one aspect will have a tendency to consider themselves experts and close their minds to other areas.

Here are my views on the difference between Christians and Muslims, after living in the Middle East for a few years.

I also read a book by a famous Thai monk who showed that the divine words of Jesus and Buddha are basically the same, extracting passages from both philosophies, but that many on both sides do not see the divine message and focus too much on individual words or actions.

I believe that my broader perspective of reading and experiences in life enable me to offer sound advice to people seeking a closer relationship with God. It also requires honesty and a willingness to face and address one’s self and own problems. I reflect a lot, and am interested about psychology and how the human mind works.

I hope that these pages will offer some insight and inspiration, and I enjoy helping in this way, as it gives some purpose to my existence. Enjoy!

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