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People can have a positive time in life with God

well, it’s not really so important what exact date he was born on but rather that he is alive, spiritually, now. I recently researched a bit on this and apparently Czechs, at 85% of the population, are by far the most atheistic on the planet. About 85% of the world’s population believe in a God, […]

Selfish People Might Believe in God Anyway

Thanks for your message. Would you please tell me more about that. How can I deal with this problem.?

Hi Farhad, I see that we’ve been corresponding occasionally in the past. In the past you said you do not believe in God, so I think it will be more difficult for you to deal with […]

Purpose of Life in God

Writing from my mobile now so will be short but will write more later. It is a good question. In short I would say to fulfill God’s plan for you, because he knows all and your deepest character and what would make you happy. All else is meaningless and vain and empty satisfaction. Without God’s […]


i am a gambling addict for the past 3 years. i want to be free! i have already quit for the past 3 months already and circumstances push me back to this old vice. please help me.

Hi Michael,

perhaps a little interesting because I have been translating for a gambling therapy website: […]

Give Thanks to Water

Thought this might interest you, although it might ruffle the feathers of the more “conservative hearted”. I think we cannot put God in a box and should assume that we can little fathom his complexity, based on our limited intellect and understanding. I find the above movie fantastic and describes how H2O molecules can form […]

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