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People can have a positive time in life with God

well, it’s not really so important what exact date he was born on but rather that he is alive, spiritually, now. I recently researched a bit on this and apparently Czechs, at 85% of the population, are by far the most atheistic on the planet. About 85% of the world’s population believe in a God, 55% believe in the God of Abraham (which includes the Muslims and Islam), and pretty well all these types of beliefs preach a denial of earthly pleasures in order to be more spiritual. Sure, most people don’t focus on this or deny much, but to some degree they all do. And more often because of spiritual experience and not because their parents told they have to. Our calendar was changed because of Jesus, so something as monumental as that certainly does not happen because of a fairy tale. There is simply so much proof I would be writing all day. Even if you look at nature. PHD biologists looking into a microscope, organic chemists… Czechs are definitely the minority. Even love itself and certain emotions, like envy etc. To think that these are all a product of chemicals alone would be pretty depressing. Recently I also wrote down all the miracles in my life. I don’t believe in God because I’m desperately hoping for something and an afterlife but because of my real life experiences with the Spirit and my interaction with God. I used to be an atheist and these are 2 of the three reasons I switched. I was quite proud to be an atheist, loved arguing against Christians and purposefully read certain philosophy to strengthen my beliefs. So someone like that does not easily hop “to the other side”. Anyway, nice that you spent time with your mother and I was glad I sat with some nice and inviting people around a table and next to a fireplace, even though they celebrate here tomorrow and I only exchanged about three words with them. If my friend doesn’t pull through for me at the start of next year I’m going to have to find some people to talk to in this village, or another one, cause I’m getting a bit batty in this room.

Well, Xtians don’t even know when was Jesus born, so … :-)))

that’s cool. I get a bit sentimental about Christmas because my mom always did, even though my entire family was total aetheist during my childhood. Long story but after experience one believes. It’s no fairy tale. The celebration is around the date when it is because the early Christians celebrated their believes at the same time as the pagan celebrations, to avoid persecution. Gonna step out now but may be back soon. People aren’t very friendly to me here, or its hard cause hardly anyone speaks English.




I am very happy about your new big project. That is a great news. I remember you telling me something about it some time ago. Sorry i also got a bit busy here. I think we will go ahead and do it then. My question is : They already have a sort of a page but nobody has time to maintain it plus it is only in Romanian (they pay monthly fee for the domain). I am really sorry to bother you with this. I want you to know that Juan and I are willing to pay for that so it wont be just a pain in the butt. Also, how much time do you think this is going to take?

Hey gal, a domain can cost about 10 bucks a year and I can host them on my server for free, but it will require that they buy a new domain (not Romanian). I can set this up for them if you like.

I would like to set up the WordPress thing cause anyone can easily maintain it and add pages etc. I will give easy instructions for this.

If they want to keep their present domain I will need FTP access to test if the WordPress will work on it.

 We have whole bunch of new snow here in bucharest. which is very nice, i like real winters. But it is not good for all the animals outside (dogs/cats). I think after Juan is done here i do not want to come back here. It gets to me way too much and makes me very very sad and helpless. There are so many of them. The only solution the government here is capable to come with is to systematically killing them… As much as i find people here nice they are at the same time in many ways very simple people. They say that government has to take action. And it is true but at the same time a lot of them have dogs and they are not castrated. Then their dogs have pups and they just through them on the street many times with the mother as well… and then they complain about the dogs! I dare to use the word SAVAGES!!! But i am sure you are familiar with this from Bulgaria and other Balkan countries as well. The other day a friend of mine was very devastated as somebody poisoned her dog on her garden! It happens here every day.

Yah, one of the reasons I moved from the village is because there was a dog constantly crying in the garden next to my window. It was depressing. I wanted to go and comfort the dog a few times but then I saw the owner – looked like someone who was willing to beat me with a stick if I approached his fence. Felt sorry for the dog but what could I do. It seems people think they don’t have feelings or just don’t matter. It is very calous and uncompassionate – yes, probably mostly due to simple ignorance. If while inRomaniayou do some good charity you can show people that there is another way. It is surprising how people can respond positively. InPragueI made it my purpose to let others in front while driving. Because, I only lose one car length’s distance and it only loses me a few seconds, and often I found the people turned off to another side street so I gained my place back. But it can save that person a very long time, if all the other assholes don’t let them in. When I started doing this people looked almost shocked but very thankful. I waived at them and made it clear that I did it on purpose, because I was nice. I fantasised that the person may have contemplated about this while driving, and then one day decide to do it to someone else. Who might do it to someone else. Until people start to see the simple and beneficial logic in it. Well, people laugh at me when I suggest it, but who knows. In any case, after three years of driving inPragueI noticed a marked difference, and practicallly everyone seemed to be doing. Who knows how much I affected it, but the example may snowball, as they say.

 Anyway, i stop with this mopey note right now. It is bad as it is and this crying will certainly not help anything. I very much appreciate your afford, Kajo. Hope you are good and safe. Talk to you soon. kisses, bananaKa

And if you do something positive it could cheer you up to. I will try to find some local charities since I will be in this town a few months. Would like to meet some people.





 I was depressed for about 2 weeks, mostly because my daughter is married and has a 17 month old son, her husband has not worked in 11 months and has no high school education. My daughter had a job at sonic but was fired because she was sick or so she said. I don’t know what the truth is anymore. I stay so worried about her situation and I don’t feel like she worries. She had told me one time it would be nice not to worry about money. When they got their income tax check back, my son-in-law bought a $1, 000 bmx bike- he thinks he is going to be a star. He smokes and is over weight all he does is play x-box. Help me understand what my daughter sees is this relationship. We have always taught our children that divorce is not an option – but I never imagined her marrying anything like him.

Hi Karen,

not sure if my response will satisfy you but I can only respond according to what comes to my mind.

I know that my own mother is always very worried about my life, but her worrying does not help me and only increases her own stress. I will never change the way I choose to live my life, so her worrying produces absolutely no positive fruits. What I would suggest is to try to turn the negative into a positive. It is negative because it is causing you to be depressed, perhaps stressed, and perhaps strain your relationship with your daughter. So to turn this into a positive I would suggest you first learn to accept your daughter’s decision how she chooses to live her life, and once you accept and potentially respect her opinion, then you can let her know that you will always be there for her and willing to support her.

On my first impression it sounds like your daughter and her husband could be a part of the new selfish generation who are used to having the world at their fingertips, with internet and all that, and as a consequence become lazy toads with no ambition. You could therefore try to inspire them positively to get out into nature or actually do something. It is not constructive to just give criticism, because such people will only want to turn off and zone out from you, and it will only build up a barrier between you and them. Perhaps invite them out somewhere and “show them the way”. Show by example and try to be positive.

What concerns divorce, if two people get married because they are young, naïve and foolish and then grow up and decide it was a rash decision, I believe it is better they separate and go their own way than to live a life of hell, chaining themselves to each other and miserable for the rest of their lives just because of their vow to God. I believe that this is not God’s intention. He wants us to be happy and has laid out his guidelines in the bible to help us be happy. I do not prescribe to the legalistic notion that he will smite and burn in hell anyone who does not follow all his “rules”. That is not the loving father, full of grace, that I know. These laws were put into place as guidelines for us. FOR us is the key. Not against us. So that we would spend our lives crippled in fear of a vengeful, angry and demanding God. This is what the legalists try to sell:  to instill fear in you and burden you with the yoke of guilt so that you would fall under their wing and join their organization. Often for their own profit.

So I would not be worried about this divorce issue either. But respect their decision and try to be positive and constructive, showing them a better way by example, without any judgement against them. If you feel great conviction on your chest, once in a while you can bring up your concern, but try to be very careful how you deliver such suggestions because people can become very quickly defensive and then turn off to any of your suggestions. It will fall on deaf ears and not help anyone. This is a very tricky matter.

Hope I helped you a bit!


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