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Selfish People Might Believe in God Anyway

Thanks for your message. Would you please tell me more about that. How can I deal with this problem.?

Hi Farhad, I see that we’ve been corresponding occasionally in the past. In the past you said you do not believe in God, so I think it will be more difficult for you to deal with this problem of other people’s selfishness without him, and I can only answer you from my own perspective and how I deal with it – by relying on God.

The point of Jesus is that he is like a well of living life. A Spiritual injection into your soul, which replenishes you. Without him we are just empty vases, which naturally leads one to become selfish. For what else is there, than to satisfy oneself (if one is empty of God)? But because you are asking me these questions it seems possible to me that God has chosen you and is working on your heart. You are asking core questions which a Christian or believer often struggle with. The bible says that certain people are chosen before they are born and before the beginning of time to be drawn to God to fulfill his purpose. Perhaps that is happening to you.

Anyway, your story reminds me of a character in the Old Testament who God was trying to lead to save the people of Ninevah. But he was so sickened by their behaviour that he preferred God would just pour sulphur down from heaven and destroy the entire city. But that is not God’s plan, for he is like our father and wants to save us instead.

Anyway, that is how I often feel when I am confronted with so many selfish people around me, but I find it better to apply the Grace and Spirit bestowed upon me and spread it to others, like a light shining outwards from a lamp. And I often find that this light reflects back to me off the faces of those it shines onto. It’s as if my radiating positiveness inspires them, lights up their face, they smile, and then I smile. If they see I am giving, sometimes it inspires them and they act the same way. God says that the light in us should shine outwards and that we should not hide it under our beds. But if you have not received the light of God, through Jesus for example, the world may certainly seem to you like a dark and stark place.

On the other hand, I myself admit that I have become a bit jaded over the years because of selfish, uncaring people, and have begun to reserve the light within me more for those who are positively receptive to it. Which may be acceptable because God says we should help those around us, “especially” the children of God. So generally I try to be nice and show my positive side to everyone, because I’m often surprised what a positive affect it does have on people and how it does go back around, but try to focus spending my time with people who are positive, not so selfish, and who give me a certain amount of energy as well. I try to avoid people who seem like a dark vacuum of selfishness, because I perceive them as a negative force and too much time spent in their presence tends to depress me. Such people might not care at all if I am making an effort to be positive towards them but are only interested in seeing what they can get from me. It is because they are so empty and cannot perceive any other motivation in life than to be selfish. But if I persist with my positiveness, sometimes my warmth melts their icey heart and it results in surprising and unexpected effects.

So my final response to you how to deal with selfish people is to first seek the replenishing Spirit of God and fill up your own vase, so that you can then embark into the cold and selfish world and let God’s unlimited source of replenishing water pour out over the rim of your vase to people around you. Once you achieve that, you will see that people around you will mostly react positively to your presence, their face will light up, perhaps they will become less selfish, and this will in turn have a positive effect on you. An analogy I often like to consider is that life is like a garden. If you spend some time pulling up weeds and planting beautiful flowers, the beauty around you will radiate, enter your eyes and your heart, and you will be happier. Otherwise, if you just sit there and do nothing, soon you will be surrounded by weeds and a dark, ugly and overgrown garden, and you will not be very happy. So when I deal with people I try to pull out weeds and plant beautiful flowers, and soon enough it seems I am surrounded by positive, happy people!

Good luck, Karel




heh heh, when I was finishing up this letter I could not help but think of you, so I’m sending it to you as well.

As a background, since it has proven so difficult to get involved with charities (one because in Czech there doesn’t seem to be a great culture of volunteers and everyone gets suspicious if you want to help – so they reserve such help for paid government staff; and two, because of my travels and so much time in front of the computer makes it difficult for me to find an opportunity to get involved with people) at one point in the past I decided I was going to just start my own projects on the internet. Did I tell you about my Africa charity project?

Anyway, another project I started a long time ago was my Chirst and Christ correspondence pages, helping people through email. At one point I was at the top of google for “free counseling” or something like that. Anyway some of the questions I was asked was rather interesting. Lately I’ve been getting occasional emails from some Egyptian or something who does not believe in God but who is struggling with certain core problems. His latest question was “How do I deal with all the selfish people around me?” Hope ya like my response!




hey galy, always lovely to receive your letters. Wasn’t trying to preach to your anything but just thought you’d like the idea that life is kinda like tending a garden. God says the same thing when he deals with us, but rather lets the weeds (the bad people) grow, cause he doesn’t want to accidentally pull the good plants out of their roots while pulling out the bad plants. Instead he says to wait until the harvest, when the good will be separated from the bad and the bad thrown into the fire (symbolically hell I guess, but also it refers to hell as a fire we all pass through and which burns away our  iniquities and purifies us – I have a different rendition on this than the standard perception, but I believe I can back up my beliefs through scripture).

Anyway, I know that Czechs, at about 85% of the population, are by far the most atheistic nation on the planet. Which seems almost ironic considering the Protestant reformation began there, through Jan Huss, about 100 years before Martin Luther. And I agree with the reformation because before that the Catholic church was claiming a monopoly on God’s grace, which is very wrong, saying that people had to go through them to receive forgiveness. Jan instead, based on some writings from aUKauthor, said that we are saved by faith and do not need intercession by some human. It challenged the very core of the Catholic power base, which is of course why they waged war against him and burned him on the cross.

I used to call myself an atheist as well but God in his magic led me back to him (no one ever preached about him to me as a child but it was just natural for me to believe in him, and I didn’t even now until maybe 8 that others did not believe).

I responded in the way that I did to the Egyptian because I made the website specifically to bring people to God, and because that is what I believe is solution.

With you I’ve noticed that you have a charitable heart, and also cheery, which I often find comes hand in hand. It reminds me of a line in the bible referring to certain people who may not believe but who have God’s law in their hearts, and act on it. I know many people like that, who have a sense of what is “right” and act on it. If we were just animals without a spirit, why would certain people have a strong conviction for what is right and sacrifice themselves by acting on it? What is conscience? I believe people can look in themselves and sense this. Even people who “are evil” are acting against their conscience and I’m sure if they looked inside themselves and were honest with themselves they would sense and recognise this conscience. Without a conscience or spirit I am sure all of human would be selfish animals looking out only for themselves. I know that most people are like that, but not everyone. And if there was no spirit, how could you be a cheery person by being so giving? It just wouldn’t make sense to me.

Anyway, not trying to push anything on you but this for me is an interesting discussion. One thing I liked aboutTurkeyand the Muslim world is that I could speak to people about God like one speaks about a tree over there. But in the west when you bring up the subject people practically hold up the cross against you, like you are a witch. It is so taboo. The west seems so lost, decadent and selfish, comparatively. It’s sad and I always feel like I’m going into a dark, lonely and pretentious place when I go west, and when I return east I am reminded how lovely and caring people can be.

Anyway, just blabbing away!

Ahoj kajo! I meant to reply immediately but i was traveling a little again and had no e-access. Anyway. I think i know what you are talking about when speaking of Czechs (and not only Czechs actually) and the charity. People just mind their own business which up to certain extend i can understand but you are basically right. I sent a lot of emails asking for co-operation and got zero respond. But i am not a professional so it may also explain a lot. Thank you for sharing that email with me. I like it and i admire you for doing this. Honestly i have to confess as an agnostic as much as i would like to follow the steps you are describing to the Egyptian guy but it is not easy. I try to have the same approach towards people and a lot of times it works. But if you do not believe in God (now i am speaking for myself) certain things you just cant see/feel as you do. And you just dont buy the faith in a store you need to find/descover it. I dont know if you can understand me now. This is just how i see it. It is late here and i am very tired but i wanted to tell you this as i was really touched by what you do and what was your advice to the guy. I am just trying to explain that for non believers seeking God might be difficult. I know for me it is. p.s. my kitchen garden here is sick. i bought some bugs together with the plants :o/ i just gave them soap bath, lets hope it helps. Have a good night. and talk soon. kisses. k:o)

If you would like to ask for advice, feel free to write to me through my contact form.

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