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What is the Purpose of Marriage?

Thanks very much for your email. To tell you the truth, my parents are forcing me to marry since they think that I am getting old.( I am 25 years). However, I do not really know why I should marry. Would you please tell me what the purpose of mariage is?

Hi Ali, I’m 44, […]

Difficulty Making Ends Meet – Needs God’s Guidance

Hi I’m 27 yrs old with 1 son and I’m so stressed out sumtimes I feel to give up the fight, I need to move out of this property and have no money for deposit I work part time all I want to do is provide for my son , among with other issues I […]

Struggling with the Sins of the Flesh

Basicaly I struggle with the sins of the flesh and through counseling I want to win victory, not through my own efforts but through the realisation that I am a special child of God which would help me sin less. My struggle is not against flesh priorarily but against the darkness of this world which […]

The Meaning of Life and Selfish People

Hello Farhad,

did you try praying to God to help you in this manner, or help you find a solution, or perhaps tell you in a dream how to solve it?


Dear Friend, Once more I do not know where to begin and how to put my ideas into words. I think I […]

Feels Guilty about Sex

Hi Stephen, I would suspect it might be because you are feeling guilty about it? Or perhaps you have a medical problem you could research into. If it is the first, I would say there is no reason why you should feel ashamed. Why be ashamed because of how you were created? We were all […]

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