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Struggling to Overcome Depression, Anxiety, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I believe that God does not want you to feel guilty for your shortcomings but loves us all. If you have a chemical imbalance in your body, it is not your fault, and I do not believe you are sinning against God by seeking medical attention. The devil tried to tempt Jesus to jump from a cliff, arguing that the angels will not allow him to get hurt. Jesus said we should tempt God. I believe your case could be similar.


 I’m trying to let Jesus into my heart completely, and I do believe in God. I am struggling to overcome Depression, Anxiety, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which may be God’s way of telling me I have forgotten about Him. It woke me up. During this hard time, I sin more than I should, so I feel like God is disappointed even though some of it is beyond my control (the disorders are a chemical malfunction in the brain). That is why I was on your site, I am trying to do by God as much as possible, but I have a lot to learn.

 I feel so lost and I am looking for guidance. I want a sense of security. I was wondering if you could help?

Hello Elle do you believe in God and did you ask Jesus to come into your heart and fill it with his loving Spirit? And for the Holy Spirit’s guidance? Thank you, Karel

 Wow, when the devil tried to tempt Jesus to jump, it sounds like when the OCD makes me do sinful things. It honestly feels sometimes like I am arguing with the devil. What did Jesus mean when He said we should tempt God?

What’s OCD?

I feel to not help oneself and rely only on God is like Jesus jumping off the cliff and expecting God to save him. Or like parents who do not allow hospital attention for their child, who ends up dying. It’s simply wrong. Nothing wrong about helping yourself. Chemical imbalances of the body can happen and it does not mean God is punishing you. Karel

 OCD is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I worry because I have heard sinful thoughts are just as bad as sinful actions, and the sinful thoughts are apart of OCD, the thoughts are uncontrollable. Fears and phobias, things like that. I hope God can see that they arent intentional and will forgive me until this is fixed.

“Intentional” is a keyword. Are these thoughts ones you intended to instigate or the product of some paranoia due to chemical imbalance, lets say? I am just speculating. You yourself should know whether they are your intentional thoughts, or out of control. God will certainly know your character well, and wishes that you will be well. It is not his nature to lay blame on you because of these feelings and thoughts out of your control. He wants the best for you. Karel

 That is amazing. He is amazing. I am so thankful that I have begun this journey. I wasn’t raised with religion. I have trouble understanding the bible, is there an easy to read version where I could start from the beginning? I dont even know the story of Jesus, only that he died for our sins. I want to know it all!

That’s great that you have changed direction on a positive path and not down the road of guilt. Jesus came to set us free, not burden us with yolk. Although there are those who preach self-righteousness and make you feel like it is your fault. By dying on the cross, Christ intended to set us free, releasing us from our sins, if we put our faith in him. There is much to learn from the bible, but it says that the knowledge will be empty if it is not accompanied by the Holy Spirit, which guides us. So pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit, read, and be discerning to gain knowledge and understanding.  I like to bounce around when I read (different parts). A lot of it is written in parables, so you shouldn’t take much of it literally, but absorb it with an open mind and hopefully the Spirit will open your eyes. Seek a good group to support you, but always be discerning. Karel

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