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Struggling with the Sins of the Flesh

Basicaly I struggle with the sins of the flesh and through counseling I want to win victory, not through my own efforts but through the realisation that I am a special child of God which would help me sin less. My struggle is not against flesh priorarily but against the darkness of this world which leads me to the sins of the flesh. As a Christian friend I await your first step of counseling. God bless. ))David((

Hi David, that could be a tough one. Even Paul complained that he struggled with the flesh, as in a thorn in his side, but was told that the Spirit should be enough. What concerns the darkness of this world, Paul also mentioned that we cannot leave it, otherwise we would have to leave the entire world, but that we need to depend on the Spirit for strength to overcome this darkness and become a beacon of light and inspiration for others. The Spirit helps, but as can be deduced from Paul’s statement above, a struggle still remains, so it would take a certain amount of willpower as well. “Our sin separates us from our God”, so if you can manage this, you are “doing well”, as Paul worded it somewhere. On the other hand, my personal suggestion is that you should not become crippled with guilt if you fail. It is not Christ’s intention to burden us with the yoke of guilt but to set us free, so you should seek the Spirit for strength and learn to depend on it, but not be motivated by guilt or shame.

Hope this has helped you. Karel

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