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Volunteer for Christ

Below are some ways which have occurred to me how someone can dedicate their time to serving Christ. Perhaps the most obvious or standard solution is to stand in the streets and holler through a megaphone, but I feel that this approach can be rather abrasive, and even embarrassing. After all, I do not believe that Christ thrust himself onto people in this manner. I assume that such people using this technique might feel self righteous and that they are well on their way to heaven because they are applying such approaches, but our motivation should not be about what we can force ourselves to do in order to get into heaven, but rather what steps we can take to successfully bring others, in particular lost souls, to Christ. Out of love and compassion for them and as an extension of the Spirit that should shine within us. Motivation and how you go about spreading the gospel is a very important matter, and I will try to dedicate an “article” to this subject at some point. If our motivation is mostly to perform works and acts to secure eternal life and a place in heaven for ourselves, and we do not really care about the people we are trying to save, and just force ourselves through the motions for the selfish purpose of securing everlasting life, then with such motivations we will be much less successful at saving lost souls, end up just another ranting and lunatic Christian hollering on the streets or pounding on people’s doorways (often referred to as “bible thumpers”), and although we might feel self justified (a selfish emotion and as uncaring as some of the worst sinners), we might very well find ourselves among that class of humanity referred to in the bible as, “Many will call on the name of the Lord, but not be saved.”

So the right motivation and reasons is very important, lest you find yourself among the “blind leading the blind”. Therefore, before you embark on some task or mission to bring others to Christ, you must first make sure you yourself are on the right path, and are in a condition and right state of mind to achieve this. For this purpose, I would recommend you read some Christian literature I have collected on the internet at and which will hopefully help you get your motivations in order, get the right state of mind, and make you feel confident that you have the right state of mind to help lead others to Christ. But I’ll warn you that it could be difficult reading and a hard pill to swallow. It will force you to analyse yourself. It will be like the double edged sword mentioned in the bible, that cuts deep into your heart and forces you to ask yourself a lot of serious questions about your life, your soul, and your very purpose.

But we should welcome such challenges, shouldn’t we? Lest we become a fence sitter. Living out the pleasures of this life, with no real purpose, not much different than the average sinner, perhaps doing a little bit of good to make ourselves feel better and on the way to heaven, but at which God would look and say, “I’d rather you were ice cold than lukewarm”.

If you really want to get to heaven and all that, the bible clearly says that it is along a very narrow path, like a razor’s edge. A narrow path implies a journey. Not a simple journey of life, of following some line from babyhood to deadhood, but a journey towards Christ and to the narrow pearly gates. Paul spoke about it as a race. Obviously because we are on this planet for a limited time, and because we will never attain full glory, because “we all fall short of the glory of God.” This means that, however hard we try, unless we are someone as flawless as Christ himself, we will never achieve full glory. During my various readings, such as the ones I suggested above, I found my understanding of God and all related matters would jump in leaps and bounds. I would leap frog to a higher level of understanding, through various revelations of understanding, and then look distantly back to how I saw things before, and realize, relative to the new level I had attained, how far I really was from the glory back then. So every time I leapt forward, I’d realize how far I had previously been from a full understanding of God, Christ, and my purpose in life. And by some reasonable and modest process of deduction, I should conclude that to whatever new level I may leap frog, no matter how far of a leap that might be relative to my journey through life so far, I should assume that these leaps are just finite steps along an infinite trajectory. A puny and invisible ant step next to God’s smallest toe nail. The “path”, therefore, spoken of in the bible, is not some simple journey or waiving your arms, performing various works, and simply living out your life, confident that you are on this narrow path and well on your way towards eternal life and happiness. Paul warned against such confidence and boasting and said we should always fear how short we might be of the glory and God, and keep pursuing an ever increasing understanding of his ways and race in haste during our limited lifespan towards that golden crown and goal.

Therefore, we should constantly strive to pursue greater wisdom and understanding in these matters, and pursue a holier life in closer harmony with the Spirit. The moment we feel we know “enough” or “oh so much” is the moment we start to get arrogant and proud and immediately fall from the Way and diverge from the path. Not only is it important to constantly pursue greater wisdom and understanding, always under the premise that whatever we fathom is a paltry reflection of how God sees things, not only should we have enough of this wisdom and understanding before we embark on a mission to bring others to Christ, but perhaps, above all, we should be in the right state of mind: modest, humble, loving of our enemies, not arrogant, not prone to anger, not living a life of indulgence and sin, etc. etc.

So before you dedicate yourself to this noble purpose, first make sure you will not be one of the blind leading the blind. If indeed you do become one of the blind leading the blind, be assured that not only will you be judged for your own life but also for the life of those you have led astray, as the bible clearly warns.

On the other hand, since we do all fall short of the glory, you should concede that you will never achieve its fullness during your lifetime but that it would be sufficient to get to a point where you feel you are on the right path, or at least in the right direction, and then you can invite others to join you, together walking or running towards that golden crown, encouraging each other along the way, sharing perspectives, and during that process learn from each other (for we are all finite points in an infinite sphere and each of us has different perspectives which can help the other finite spots understand the greater picture). And during all this share a common humility and servitude to Christ and to God.

Once you have reached this state of mind, even with the most basic understand of the gospel, you are ready to take up the gauntlet and embark on a wonderful, exciting, (unfortunately) at times troubling journey towards the land of milk and honey.


Below are some ideas which I suggest how one might bring others to Christ. Concerning one of these suggestions, did not the religious authorities of Christ’s day accusingly point their finger at Christ and exclaim that he “ate with sinners?” And did he not respond to that, “I came here to heal the sick, not wine and dine with those who are confident they are well on the right path”? Therefore, not only is it important to have a good and strong fellowship with other believers to help encourage one another and help each other attain a greater understanding of the gospel and the Way, but we must position ourselves amongst the “sinners” in order to reach them. Many feel that the first of these last two steps is sufficient (the comfy fellowship with other believers, but not the reaching out to sinners). They go to church every Sunday, listen to flowery words, feel good that they throw a few coin into the basket, perhaps go to lunch with their fellow church goers, and then rush back home to play Nintendo, turn on the TV of violence, and spend the rest of the week living out their lives much like the average sinner does. If you feel that your token dedication of going to church once a week and throwing some pennies or whatnot into a basket is securing a bed and breakfast in the many rooms of God’s heavenly hotel, you are fooling yourself, my friend. And if you base your entire pillar of belief, like so many Christians do, on the one line in the bible which says, “Believe in me and you will be saved”, and believe that simply believing that Jesus is the Son of God will secure yourself everlasting life and happiness, and that you do not need to fret yourself with the remaining two thousand pages of the bible (remember that Paul said not ONE of these commandments are lost or waived away under the gospel and New Testament), and all that preaching about obedience to God’s law, then you should ask yourself whether the demons or Satan himself believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and whether this alone has or will save them. I hope you do not think that the demons or the devil do not believe that God exists or that Jesus is his Son. They certainly feared him when he walked the earth. On this simple logic you should agree that merely believing that Jesus is the Son of God does not save you, and that the meaning of that line in the bible goes a lot deeper than its literal value (refer to some of my other suggested Christian readings).


Now that I have hopefully imparted to you the gravity of constantly striving to attain the right state of mind and to constantly pursue a greater understanding and wisdom of the Way, so that you can USE these qualities to bring others to Christ, which should be one of our very core purposes, lets consider some ideas.

One possible way is through my volunteer webpage < , where you can serve Christ through the internet. Christ appeared on earth at a strategic time in history when theRoman Empirewas reaching its peak and when such an important message could use this new order to spread the news to all corners of the earth.

The internet can offer us a similar revolution. Now you can reach people on the other side of the planet and help them with their struggles. For this purpose I am using my search engine optimization skills to get to the top of google in such key words as “free counseling”, “free counselling” (British spelling), “help me God”, and others. I imagine there must be many people out there in this cold, capitalistic world of selfish over-consumption < who are troubled and seeking answers about their difficult life. People who cannot find a good Christian church in their area (I often found this rather difficult to stumble upon during my many journeys around the world, for a true and sincere church is not at all an easy thing to find) and who use the impersonality of the internet to reach out for help.

Another good thing about the internet is that such people will most often find it easier to state their problems anonymously to someone on the internet rather than go about it the “traditional route”, to them certainly an intimidating and imposing one, like to a Catholic church, ask someone there how the procedure works, be directed to a tall priest wearing fancy clothes, and then enter into a booth, behind a curtain, spill out their guts to someone they just met and will certainly meet again once they both step out from behind that same curtain.

No, the troubled people of this planet will rarely resort to such embarrassment and torture. Not only because the church concept in general has been tainted by the actions of certain priests who performed such acts we do not want to mention on these pages.


There are a few tasks I suggest one could volunteer their time through this website:

– help promote it to get it to the top of google in important keyword searches. After spending at least two years studying about search engine optimization (SEO), I’ve grown to learn that such work can be never ending.

– once there is a lot of web activity, you could help make some of the webpages.

– and lastly but most importantly, to help bring others to Christ. For this I will certainly want to screen you to make sure you are in the right state of mind, as I mentioned above, and that you have a good understanding of the Way, so that my work and this platform does not serve to facilitate “the blind following the blind”. Or perhaps, if you are not up to this difficult task, you could just volunteer as a penpal with those who seek correspondence and assurance. I’ve been approached by many believers (actually, mostly only believers) who are experiencing some hardship and need to hear encouragement to help them through their trials and tribulations. This reminds me of a beautiful sermon I once attended where the preacher asked all those present who felt strong in their faith and felt their life is generally going okay and who feel empowered enough to help others, to stand up. Then he asked all those who were experiencing troubles and who feel weak in their faith, to remain seated. Roughly half of us stood up. Then he asked those who were standing to lay their hand or hands on those sitting down around them, at which point he proceeded to pray. You can imagine what a most beautiful experience it was, the joy and power of Christ’s Spirit funneling through my heart, down along my arm and into my troubled brothers and sisters. This is what I’d like to achieve with this “penpal project”. On the other hand, if you are feeling in need of encouragement, feel free to sign up for a penpal who is willing to encourage you. We can set up open forums, I can set up a moderated database of encouragers and wise teachers who can help certain people with certain matters. I am very good at organizing such databases and matching up people, as I have been doing this for my business for more than a decade. I am glad to offer my skills for something more useful than simply making money.


If you would like to help me with any of the above, or need help yourself, feel free to write me an email and we can get started right away!



Another way how you can serve Christ is through your local settings, which can be so much more powerful and personally rewarding than helping someone through the monitor of a computer. You can do both, or one or the other. The Spirit will be happy either way to reach suffering souls and you yourself will feel great doing something meaningful. The Spirit will flow through you, like it did through me at that church, and you will be filled with the vigor, life and exhilaration which comes with the Spirit. As the bible says, our bodies are like an empty vase. If the water (the Spirit) within it is not overflowing to others around us, it stagnates. It starts to smell while we don’t even realize it. We crawl into ourselves, hide the light under our bed, run away from the big and scary, ugly world, perhaps bury our noses into the bible, but by doing this we are missing the entire point. We ourselves become the inflicted because we are not experiencing the living Spirit of Jesus, who was resurrected as a living, eternal being who can abide in our souls and spread to others around us. If the light of Jesus does not gleam out of your eyes, shine out of your face, and express itself through the love and charity that you give to others around you, I’m sorry to say, my friend, you are not living the gospel and you yourself need to visit a good church or fellowship to help you come to a loving and living relationship with the Spirit. This is what it’s all about. Not about waving your arms, performing some works, perhaps sacrifice a few pennies or forcibly curb some behaviours to feel confident you should be on your way to an eternal life with a bed and breakfast place waiting for you in heaven. It’s all about living the Spirit and joyfully spreading that to others. It is the “living” Word, as the bible says, and the Spirit is a “living” force which should abide within us. The Word and the Spirit are like the water in the vase which overflows to all who are thirsty around it, not words which are forcibly expended for the sole purpose of ensuring our own salvation and a room at heaven hotel, but words which flow freely out of love and, in the process, remain fresh. Like the water in the vase remains fresh if the tap within it remains flowing. If you seal the vase shut, such as if you are ashamed or embarrassed about the gospel, and the love of Christ does not flow from your mouth or radiate outwards from your eyes and through your actions, the tap may be open (meaning Christ is freely expending his loving Spirit), but no fresh water flows through it, because the mouth of the vase is sealed and the process cannot flow. If you feel ashamed or embarrassed, this is okay and understandable. You can pray for strength, or email with me or other penpals. It can certainly be a scary thing to open one’s mouth about something like this, and the bible warns that you will face persecution when you do so. So many times I have merely mentioned God or Christ matters and been immediately bombarded with a lot of negative attention. People can go to bars and talk about all sorts of rhetoric and nonsense, brag how open they are and accepting of homosexuality, and touch on pretty well any subject, including Buddhism and other religions that do not worship God. Heck, they’ll even intellectualize on the concept of God and religions, but even try to bring up Christ’s name and you may be surprised to find yourself in a den of snakes coiling away from a great gauntlet of light. I actually find the reaction amusing, and like to point out to them the peculiarity of it, asking them to reflect on their reaction. <<<still to proofread rest> Other times one could say they are fully justified because they’ve heard the message pounded into them a hundred thousand times by ranting, self-justifying < Christians to the point they are rather sickened by the entire concept. Other times they grew up in a strict, Catholic household and the constant message of self-denial and guilt has been rammed down their throats so severely during their childhood that their stomach turns at the mere mention of it. I consider such cases, who I refer to as “fallen Catholics”, as some of the toughest nuts to break. They are so set and convinced in their ways that it is almost impossible to even mention the word Christ.

So if you do approach people in your life or local area, it is very important that:

1) you have the right frame of mind, and most preferably, filled with the Holy Spirit, who will always guide you. Do not rely on knowledge and understanding of the gospel alone. It is imperative that you are led by the Spirit in this;

2) you have a sufficient understanding of the gospel and the bible to use as tools in your various arguments. To help keep you on track, but also as fodder for your arguments. Make sure to constantly pursue these first two points in your spare time, by reading, study, fellowship, meditation and prayer;

3) the more you are in line with point 1 above, the more naturally and correctly this third point will follow. But I admit that point 1 is certainly not as easy as it seems. Primarily because, to achieve it to full measure, one needs to give up their own life and sacrifice it to the fullest, which few of us our willing to do, because we are, after all, creatures of want, and whining, naturally selfish, and instinctive in our self preservation. The degree to which you fall short of point number 1, as most of us probably will, you will want to replace by TACT. Use all the knowledge you have of life, human psychology, experience when dealing with others, to deliver your message while considering the person you are talking to. Don’t just throw yourself into a boisterous and overconfident message which is not sensitive to the person you are addressing and which will only be received with nausea and a quick exit, but carefully plan every word while caring for that person and intending on eventual success. Perhaps or probably you will not succeed on the first or many subsequent occasions you are speaking to them. Perhaps you will help to a certain measure, laying some stones of foundation, where someone else in a later point of that person’s life will complete the structure and bring that person to an open and healthy understanding of Christ’s way. Be tactful how you deliver your message. Make friends with the person. Didn’t Christ eat with sinners? The bible is very symbolic, for a reason < , and eating with someone implies more than just sharing the same loaf of bread in the middle of the table. In today’s terms, I’d say it means “hanging out”. Perhaps frequenting the dungeon discos with them, something the modern religious institutions, like during Christ’s day, would point their finger at you from high above in their ivory strongholds of comfort and protection and call you a sinner yourself.

So you need to get among the sinners to save them. Not just to pay the city board for a few hours in the local square and screech out to passerbies through an obnoxious megaphone, from an equally obnoxious and self justified voice – I myself am quite nauseated when I see such a display. No, you want to get amongst these people and become their friend. And unless you are some pompous, self-righteous, ranting arse, you should not find this difficult at all. And if you are a good and sincere Christian, you probably already have many such friends. If you read the bible you will realize that there are certain people who give testimony, and certain people who receive it. There are certain people who are chosen from within the womb and before they were born < , and God works to reach all of us in different ways. We do not know his master plan, or all that he sees, and all that he schemes. Do not judge the sinner. As a good Christian, you should realize that you yourself are a retched soul who has been saved by the grace of God and not by anything you yourself deserve. If you do not believe that, than you are not a good Christian, you are arrogant, you should get back to the books, and you should pray to God to subject you to due suffering and quickly wipe that smug of confidence off your face.

Consider yourself like flowing water among a riverbed of rocks. Flowing smoothly, spreading the beautiful news of love, caressing the rocks it flows over, never provoking or getting into someone’s face. Although sometimes a little provocation can go a long way to crack a hard nut. Christ certainly provoked the religious authority of his day, until they killed him.


Therefore, now that you have equipped yourself with the necessary tools, meaning (1) the Holy Spirit which lives in you and the right state of mind, (2) a sufficient understanding of the bible but continually pursue it more, and (3) a caring attitude and focus on tact, you are ready to work among your friends, people at your workplace, or anywhere in your local area, to spread the beautiful message of love, make the world a kinder and happier place, and keep the tap flowing from within that empty vase called your body.

If you bring up this issue in the right way and don’t put people immediately on their guard, you’d be surprised to find how often people are actually willing to discuss these matters.


Which brings me to the conclusion of this article, the very point I intended to say at its outset. A simple idea I had this Sunday morning, but before I could get to writing down this simple concept, it seemed to require the above lengthy introduction, which just flowed through my fastly typing fingers and from my head without any soft of planning. And the simple idea I had was the following.


Once you have achieved points 1, 2 and 3 above, and found yourself in a good fellowship of Christians who, to some measure, have also attained points 1, 2 and 3 (you do not need to attain a perfect state of these three, otherwise you might find yourself on judgement seat before God, meaning the end of your life, before this happens – be effective and useful as soon as you can!), my idea was to go to the most hideous and stinky pub (or less hideous, or other suitable location), pick some appropriate time, possibly experiment with different times and locations, and casually have a bible study amongst yourselves. You can hit two birds with one stone, as they say, and use the time for legitimate discussion, to strengthen your fellowship, where some can bring up their concerns and ask the others for help in understanding certain concepts, but preferably meet beforehand and choose interesting concepts to discuss. You can save certain concepts to discuss as a group in private, while designate other concepts for the pub. The thought that came to my mind was “Beer for Christ”. Heck, you could even advertise it in a newspaper and see what kind of people would be attracted to it. The point is that you want to open a discussion among those whose souls need to be saved. Those who are living the 9 to 5 grind and do not know about anything else. Who perhaps see on the news some repulsive behaviour of a priest, draw their own conclusions, but have never in their lives sat down and discussed these concepts with good believers. That should be our very purpose. We cannot blame them for growing up in a household where no such words were explained, or otherwise explained in a bad way. If you follow their logic, whereby they might believe there is no God, or choose not to believe in God because of the suffering and misery they see everywhere around them, you will understand why they have chosen their meaningless existence of self gratification. It is perfectly understandable. Not something to be repulsed by or point your self-righteous finger at in judgement – this approach will certainly not win any of such hearts. You must be willing to get into the dirt if you want to reach such people. Which is not bad, because you should seek modesty and humility anyway. Do not go to such pubs with an airy, I-am-better-than-though attitude, where overly clean and frilly white, Christian looking clothes, but come out as a humble Christ would, who considered himself the lowest of the lowly, who wore a sackcloth and walked the earth barefoot in sandals. Use reason, plan as a group, pick some good and interesting topics to discuss. Perhaps practice before going out into the “real and scary world”. Experiment with different approaches, perhaps trying different pubs but using the same discussion themes, polishing them every time. The purpose of this exercise is mostly to save others. You can save private group meetings for dealing with personal issues and to help and encourage one another achieve points 1, 2 and 3 above, while using your pub meetings to put 1, 2 and 3 into practice.


This is the true purpose of a good Christian. Not to live out a righteous life, selfishly, huddled and hiding behind a wall with some monks, meditating your entire life to reach some personal and selfish level of nirvana so that you your selfish self can get into heaven, but to let the tap run free, throw off the seal to the vase, and let the gospel flow to those to whom it was intended – everyone.

Pray for strength, tact and understanding, encourage one another, don’t speak purposefully loud and in a strained manner, invite others if they express interest, and try to deliver your presentation or discussions in a natural manner which will hopefully captivate and not turn off those at surrounding tables. If they express interest, invite them to ask any question they have on their hearts. Be prepared to be insulted, but take the abuse as Christ would. This will melt their heart faster. Certainly do not let yourself be provoked to anger or ill behaviour, because this will certainly justify their ill perspective and solidify their lost views. By such bad behaviour you have just done more harm than good. Speak loud enough that others can hear you. Obviously something like this can be practiced and polished over time, and I am sure you will learn lots of tricks. If you do, I’d gladly post your suggestions for others to learn from. But perhaps most of all, I think you will be surprised to find how captivated many will be, if you deliver this approach properly. How many, who may seem the most retched, drunken and lost souls will light up with interest and sit with you to discuss these matters. How often in these people’s lives do you think they have ever had an opportunity to ask such deep and troubling questions which have surfaced in their hearts so often? You might find them absolutely fascinated with everything you have to say. And you might very well be surprised to receive answers and insight that will help yourself develop as a good Christian. We are all finite points in an infinite sphere. Just because someone has grown up with a retched childhood, under abuse, with retched parents, does not mean that he has no concept of God in his heart. As God tells us in the bible, “So that you are without excuse and cannot say you did not hear my word because you live in a distant valley or mountaintop, therefore I am placing my Word in your hearts (conviction) and stamping my law on your forehead (conscience)”. Everyone has conscience and conviction, and a sense of God, and these thoughts percolate in their minds throughout their lifetime. Be open to everyone’s opinion and you will find yourself surprised what you yourself will learn from their perspective, and the captivating and mutually enlightening conversations you will find yourself engaged in.


Oh yes, how could I forget. Obviously drinking beer will be an issue, and you should try to stay sober. Perhaps allow yourself a few beers, to make yourself approachable to those seated at surrounding tables, but switch to water or juice once you start to feel too inebriated. Not only will it make you less effective, but it will cast harmful light on the gospel, where we should not “abuse < the grace of Christ” < .

But make sure that you spend enough at your table and leave a generous enough tip to the staff so that they are without excuse and will not ask you not to come back. If you deliver your approach in such a way so as not to offend or unnecessarily provoke unbelievers, but instead interest them in engaging and thought provoking conversations which will hopefully and eventually lead them to Christ (thought provoking conversations which will keep them there and the beer taps flowing), there will be no reason why the management of the establishment would ask you not to come back and disrupt their “den of sin”. You must exercise good tact here as well. Perhaps do not tell them you are a Christian group and just come in surreptitiously and start to work your magic in a quite and unobtrusive manner. Remember, the main goal of this exercise is to save souls and not to serve your own feelings of self-righteousness and self-justification. God bless and good luck!

If you would like to ask for advice, feel free to write to me through my contact form.

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