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6th Grader Has to Face Principle

Hi you see i am in a real pickle A boy came up to me at my locker today and said did the principal talk to you ket i told her that you were kicking me.I was but its only because he dumped his girlfreind rudely then got her in trouble and when she cried he said well thats a happy face i am in 6th grade help what should i tell her if i do get called down oh help please

Hi Gabby,

I’d say you should tell the principle the honest truth. You said “her”, so she should sympathise with the female cause more. Sounds like that boy is playing games and you have reacted as a female should/could. But I’m sure the principle will tell you that violence is not the solution. There are other and better ways to “get him back”. At that point, if the principle will scold you, just look down solemnly and apologetically. The principle, if a female, will certainly sympathise with you. Once you agree that violence is not the answer, perhaps you could ask her for some tips how to get him back in a just a rightful way.


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