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Christian Feels Guilt Due to Homosexuality

I am a 15 years old teen guy. I am always fascinated by the girls around me because of my great look, of course, fascinated also by some teen boys out there. Last point in time, there is my neighbor, straight boy neighbor, like me who went to our house. Im in my house alone that is why we plan to watch a porn movie. While watching, we cannot really resist each other. This is where my story starts, which is a guilt of mine. While watching, i asked him to masturbate me and he did it so badly. after that i had an anal sex with him. I really dont know what i am doing. After that, until now, i feel full of guilt everytime i remembered it and everytime i saw him, to the fact that we enjoyed it before several times. But now, i realized that that was not right, to the fact that im a straight guy who has a reputation for girls. Now, i am seeking your help to please help me overcome my guilt. It will be my wholesome thanks if you can help me. I really need your help. Please reply as so on as possibe. Godbless us.


Hey James,


by repeating that you are a successful womanizer, and generally, it seems that your guilt is not based on some sort of separation from God but rather on the realization of who you might be and your struggle with dealing with that. To live a holy life means to be celibate and without such toxins as cigarettes and alcohol, and to serve and love others around you. This is not a requirement but a choice of dedication. Once you start falling away from that, it just becomes one vice after another. The “slippery slope” they call it. Sinking into debauchery, or, as the bible puts it, “a dog will always return to his vomit”. I myself am certainly not anything remotely perfect. You just need to focus on what you want to do. Feeling guilty does not resolve anything. I’d say you have several choices here: 1) reflect on what you did, analyze who you are, realize you made a mistake and move on from there; 2) decide that is what you want to do and move on from there; 3) decide that you love God and focus on that rather than your guilt and all these other extraneous things.


Hope it helps, Karel

If you would like to ask for advice, feel free to write to me through my contact form.

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