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Got Aids and Wants to Die

hi dont know what to do and iam scared five yrs ago i was using speed really heavy mum split up with her husband and so what he did to get back at her was getting his brother to sell me some speed with his hep c blood in it what a piece of junk he is hey special when i never shared needle s and i was so clean i only not long found out ive got it cos his girlfriend told me they set me up but i did notice somethin strange that day speed keeps u awake i went home a hour later and slept for 24hrs iam hurting so bad cos i didnt know and the worst thing bout it name my kids and girlfriend has it well iam pretty sure iam to scared to say another thing i cant live known ive giving them a death sentence my youngest is three so i dont see any way out but to take his life and then my own iam so scared i just want to get them checkx out but i just cant girlfriend doesnt know i have it and if my family knew i had it they would disown me,i dont have any other answer to it other than he sho uld die for that for sure cos there is no cure regards greg

That is absolutely horrible Greg, but we all have a limited time on this earth and I would recommend that you spend your last years with your family, loving them. Perhaps research online for natural ways to strengthen your immunity. I would not trust the pharmaceutical or medical industry. And pray with all earnestness if Jesus can cure you of your sickness, but to kill yourself and members of your family is a cardinal sin, and doesn’t really make sense. What is it achieving? I’ve heard that some people survive aids, or live for years. Enjoy each day, love your family and praise God.


I see. Yah, at first you seemed to say that you wanted to take the life of your son and yourself. I too don’t really care so much when I die and hope that I can ascend to something better than this world. Would be good if you could prove that he did that and put him in jail. Killing him is a temptation but will hurt your own soul and not really change anything. It is a horrible situation you are in and I will pray that God can heal you from this grave injustice.


my quality of life is pretty crap living with the disease not urs sorry i should of explained my self better and i would never take my kids lives the only person life i would take is the person that give this to me and my family thank u very much wish u well i dont even know who i am anymore u know iam not worried about me dieing at a young age its my kids and girlfriend that worrie me the most

Hey Greg,

maybe a slight shred of silver lining. Not long ago I met someone who is on a rampage and healing people all over the world with cancer. Concerning aids, he says:

Rick Simpson also commented on Jind?ich Bayer’s link.

Rick wrote: “HIV is a virus and hemp oil works on all viruses known to man. It may cure it, but it will certainly control it much better than any pharmaceutical drug. JB”

Someone else said:

Leslie wrote: “my understanding is does but I am hardly an expert on this so I would recommend  they have done several studies on this. We know that it is associated with AIDS largely because of its effectiveness at appetite stimulation, and this is very desirable for patients suffering from AIDS wasting syndrome.” More details at:

Hope it helps, Karel

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