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Stress from Parent

Hi ok so for the last few semesters i have been geting terrible grades and my mom keeps blaming it on me i study but it wont stay in my head amd i have given obvisoubly hints many times that i need a tutor now she is threatening not to let me do any sports:( […]

Feels an Urge to Pray but is Embarrassed to

Hi, My name is Sharon and I’d like some help on an issues. For the past two months now, due to past depression and loneliness I’ve given up and have not been bothered to pray or read my bible at all. Every time someone mentions God or Jesus (even typing it now makes me annoyed) […]

Fundamentalist Christian Ranter

I broke it up with that woman from Indonesia whom I thought could have been my wife. She turned into a muslim and I am a man of God and I told her that if she did then this would end us and it did and I broke off from her immediately. Thanks for your […]

Hi there Thanks for the reply. To be honest, the answer was really beyond my current understanding of life. But I think gradually I will understand it. A new question: Why is there pain in the world? God has created us and there is no doubt about it. But why has He created pain , […]

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