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Feels an Urge to Pray but is Embarrassed to

Hi, My name is Sharon and I’d like some help on an issues. For the past two months now, due to past depression and loneliness I’ve given up and have not been bothered to pray or read my bible at all. Every time someone mentions God or Jesus (even typing it now makes me annoyed) I feel angry or try to stop myself hearing it because I feel very guilty. I also have something telling me to pray, everyday when I wake up and all through the day I get something telling me to pray even though I don’t want to. I just tell myself to be like everyone around me and not be bothered about being religious, and I’m only 13 so I thought religion shouldn’t be so important to me anyway.When I try to pray I feel a bit silly and like there is no holy presence or ‘God’s love’, I feel like I’m just talking to the air. Thank you for reading. 🙂                                                  

I would suggest you read

I believe that there I wrote about the first time I was praying for the Spirit. Perhaps the same powerful experience will happen to you, and perhaps God is calling you. I know it feels strange, and I certainly felt that way, and embarrassed when I did it, but the results were amazing. As I was recently told, “Life is like a coin. You can only spend it once, so spend it wisely.” Do not hide behind fear and inhibit yourself because of what others may think of you and you will find your life will turn out much more full and interesting. If God is calling you then it could be that much more interesting. By experience I have found Him very loving. Sometimes He would tell me to do things that I did not understand why and wouldn’t follow his advice, but the times I did place trust in Him the experiences were amazing and definitely worth it.

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