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Fundamentalist Christian Ranter

I broke it up with that woman from Indonesia whom I thought could have been my wife. She turned into a muslim and I am a man of God and I told her that if she did then this would end us and it did and I broke off from her immediately. Thanks for your help and for trying to help us. I no longer need any help from your company and if I do then I will contact you again. Thanks again.

I think it’s a shame that you broke up just because of that. I’ve traveled around the world for a while and find Muslims often act like better Christians than Christians do. They believe in the same God of Abraham and believe in Jesus, but just don’t believe he is God’s son. I have also seen a lot of similarities with Buddhism and Christianity. Same God but with different name and from a different perspective. Fundamentalism is not good.

You listen to me, there is NO God but the God of Abraham Issac and Jacob and of my Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus wasn’t just a good Man He was the SON of the Living God and there is NO way to Heaven other by Him. Jesus died on  the cross for all of the world’s sins once and for all for all of us to have a chance to make Heaven our Home. But MANY MANY are going strait to hell. I know that your occult probably doesn’t believe in hell. Fire burns whether you believe it or not. Poison kills whether you believe it or not. The earth is round whether you believe it or not. Hell is a very real place. Your beliefs cannot change reality. It’s still there and you are still going. Galatians 1 verse 8 and 9 says that if any other gospel is preached unto you other than what is in the Word of God let him be accursed. There is NO muslim or budda or any other occult that believes the whole Word of God. You all change the Word to fit what you want it to say and then you believe it. You actually twist the Word of God into a lie. There is an old saying and it is true and it goes like this; “If God said it, that settles it, regardless if you believe it or not.” You don’t have a vote. You don’t have the last word. GOD DOES. What God says is the TRUTH for it is impossible for God to lie. God cannot be tempted nor does He tempt any man with evil. EVERY occult is nothing but the children of satan and they will all know this when they die and split hell wide open when they die. YOU DON’T break God’s Word, God’s Word will break you and then God will CRUSH you to POWDER. God’s not in Heaven saying; “lets make a deal.” God’s in Heaven saying; “THIS IS THE DEAL.” The wages of sin is death, for when sin is finished brings forth death, the soul that sinneth that soul shall die. Any man who defiles him self and goes in to the world and sins against God and believes  another person than JESUS CHRIST that man will God destroy. This is the WORD OF GOD. There are a lot of so called christians who are LOST and dying in their sins. Why? Because their sins mean more to them than Jesus Christ does. They lie, cheat, steal, commit adultery and fornication and commit all other sins and enjoy what they do and are not living a Godly Christian life. They to will step into eternity with out Jesus and burn in the fires of hell for  ever. Listen to the Words of Jesus in Matthew 7 verses 21 through 23; “Not every one that saith unto Me, Lord, Lord shall enter into the Kingdom of  Heaven…..Many will say to Me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied  in thy Name? and in thy Name cast out devils? and in thy Name done many  wonderful works? And then I will profess unto them, I never knew you, depart  from Me ye that work iniquity.” Jesus also said in verses 13 and 14; “Enter ye in at the strait gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in there at. Because strait it the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth to life, and few there be that find it.” Jesus is saying that only a very few will make Heaven their Home. I will not disappoint my God, I will do what ever His Word says and make Heaven my Home regardless if any one else wants to or not. I am a man of God and I have been teaching the Word of God for over 26 years and I can say that I know some thing about the Word of God. What your people are teaching you and every occult is this feel good sermon that they worship some one else than Jesus Christ and claim to be followers of God. Jesus said in John 14 “I AM THE WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE, no man comes to the Father BUT BY ME.” What does every occult teach? They teach some thing other than this which is A LIE from the devil him self. EVERY occult follows the devil who disquises him self in to that of the truth. HE IS A LIAR and had NEVER told the truth and this is what all occults are and all those in occults, they are all the children of the devil in other shapes forms and fashions and calls God a liar. NO MAN calls God a liar and gets away with it. They and all of their followers will burn in the fires of hell for ever and ever and ever and ever AND DON’T YOU FORTGET IT. I live my life by EVERY WORD that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Jesus said that man cannot live by bread alone but by EVERY WORD that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. I teach the Word of God bluntly and in all truth. If some one listens to me God bless them. If not, then the wrath and judgment of God abides on them. If I did not break up with this muslim then I would be disobeying the Word of God. 2 Corithians 6 verse 17 says; “Wherefore come out from among them and be ye separate saith the Lord….” What? If any thing is evil get away from it. If any object offends God get away from it. If any person is not pleasing God GET AWAY from them. God’s will is NOT for some devil worshipper to drag His Children strait to hell. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? What I have shared with you IS the Word of God. I love It, I teach it, I breath It, I do It, I know It and I live It. All others who dies in their sins will end up in Heavens dump the place called hell and they will be there for all eternity. You know diddly squat about the Word. Read it don’t go by what some one tells you and then you tell me. Other wise, DON’T TELL ME what I did was not right. What I did was OBEYING the Word of God. Soooo many chose NOT to and they will burn in the fires of hell for ever and ever and ever. GET SAVED in Jesus Name or the wrath and judgment of God abides on you and you are in horrible danger of losing your eternal soul.

dude, you are highly disillusioned. I’ve heard your rant many times before. People like you only spread hatred. Every Muslim believes in the same God of Abraham. Jesus spoke in parables on purpose, as God does through his stories. People who believe in the literal meaning are usually the funamentalists who cause problems. Believe what you want, as do I. There are many parts of the bible that state you must do more than simply believe in Jesus to be saved. Go ahead and ignore all that. There is a very core meaning in saved “through” Jesus that you are entirely clueless to. I am reading a book now showing the parallels between Buddhism and Christianity, written by a monk. I see the parallels too. What is “God” anyway? It is certainly a translation into English of something closer to Jehovah or Yahew, or he preferred not be called anything at all (“I Am what I Am”), probably because of people like you. Yet you will claim God as your own, as if you really know his name, and think for certain that he is not be the same Great Spirit of the Native Americans, or the Law of Nature by the Budhhas. I am not going to bother reading your hate rant because I’ve heard it many times before and I don’t need to listen to this garbage again. I’ve read the bible twice and you’re just an ignorant idiot. I assume that you will jump with glee at the thought that billions of good people will burn in hell forever just because they don’t utter certain words, while hypocrits and liers in the west do it all the time, white washing themselves every Sunday with a few coin into the basket and some clean looking clothes. Karel

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