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Stress from Parent

Hi ok so for the last few semesters i have been geting terrible grades and my mom keeps blaming it on me i study but it wont stay in my head amd i have given obvisoubly hints many times that i need a tutor now she is threatening not to let me do any sports:( HELP Gabby

Hey Gabby, what grade are you in and what is your age? Yah, parents can put a lot of pressure on their kids, as if the social pressures of elementary and high school isn’t horrible enough. This added stress could be making it more difficult for you to cram in the information. Maybe you could approach your mother with this concept and say you need help. Sports is very important for growing people, also for adults, and it helps keep your mind crisp and working productively. Not only will denying you of sports make you hate your studies more but quite possibly negatively affect your intake of information. I would try to reason with her, but be careful, as adults get stuck in their ways and can get quickly angry if their methods and arguments are challenged. You need to play a really smart dance.

If you would like to ask for advice, feel free to write to me through my contact form.

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