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Worried if His Sin is Unforgiveable

Thank you. I have a question. I feel that what i did was exactly what Jesus was describing as blasphemy and I don’t know if i did what He said was unforgivable. Ya know what He was telling the pharisees? Could you explain that to me a bit? Something happened in my life and i […]

Feels Guilty about Bad Thoughts

Hi. I have a problem. I had a terrible blasphemous thought that i can’t truely remember if i thought on purpose or not. Kind of a what if thought ya know? But after i thought it two things scared me. Number 1: after the first thought i got terrified of what could happen if it […]

God Speaking to Her Because of Sexual Sin

One of my best friends need advice on this and I gave her my honest opinion on virginity. She and this army guy wasn’t really a couple or something like friends. He was basely a get away guy like just take her places and pick her up from college. One day she told me that […]

Struggling with Sexual Sin

I am struggling with some sin. My good friend who is also my boyfriend was too was addicted to porn for 4 years and only the past few weeks has been able to overcome it. I was the only person he told about it and it was a terrible burden for me, I did all […]

Abused by Husband, Wants Back

My husband i have been married for 27 years. We both were born again and served in our local christain community. My husband also had promotions in his job. However pride entered his life and he started, consuming alcohol, womanising and all the evil things he did. He no longer knew me and beat me […]

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