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Struggling with Sexual Sin

I am struggling with some sin. My good friend who is also my boyfriend was too was addicted to porn for 4 years and only the past few weeks has been able to overcome it. I was the only person he told about it and it was a terrible burden for me, I did all I could to help him and support him but I am afraid it has had quite an effect on me. He didn’t feel like he could tell anyone else about it but after a while of persuading him he talked to one of the leaders at my church. (he also attends a church but didn’t feel like he was able to talk to anyone there because his mother and father are both leaders there and know everyone at the church). I am asking God for help but I don’t know what else to do. I want to help him make sure he doesn’t fell back into looking at porn and I myself am struggling with some sexual sin too. What does the bible say about it and what can I do? i feel so lost and helpless

Yes Rebecca, the politics in church can be intimidating, and one of the reasons I started this website. Because I can imagine it is easier to confide one’s most inner secrets to an anonymous. We all struggle with our sins, and weaknesses, and shortfalls. Some interesting things I learned recently while here inAsia, how the Buddhist way is the same as Christ, but from a different angle. As if we are both looking at the same ball but from different directions. Its not about being perfect but being honest with oneself. Not about worrying about appearances in church but about cleansing one’s soul. From the inside out. Life should be about that learning process, and to become more Christ-like, because of Love. I think if you focus on that everything else will follow.

Hope I encourage you, Karel

What you said is so beautiful, it reminds me of 1 John 3:16. So I will immerse myself in learning more about God and Jesus and “who you and around you will become more like”, right? so Hopefully I’ll be able to become from like Jesus Thank you for you time Rebecca

Thanks for the positive feedback. Yah, something like that. God says repeatedly in the bible that love is the most important. Let it embrace you and focus on that rather than fear, which is like a poison.

If you would like to ask for advice, feel free to write to me through my contact form.

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