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God Speaking to Her Because of Sexual Sin

One of my best friends need advice on this and I gave her my honest opinion on virginity. She and this army guy wasn’t really a couple or something like friends. He was basely a get away guy like just take her places and pick her up from college. One day she told me that she was going somewhere and coming back for our night class at the college. Well she ended up missing the class and didnt return untill it was was worried and a bit concern when i saw her but she seem normal. Soon as we got home she told me everything , she said her and the guy really didnt do anything . The story went something like this : She got in the car , he had his brother with him , they ran around and did errands and went to taco bell and back to his house. Soon as she enter they talked and ate and evently went in the bedroom. They watched a movie and cuddle and stuff. They ended up touching and rubbing and his hormones rage. ( He is 23 & she is 19 ) My friend like to tease and alot of foreplay ; she knows when to stop leading but anyways! The foreplay became really strong and he was really in the mood and in a different zone. He got up instantly and badroom than back the room. Once got back in the bed with her he started to touch her butt and easy off her underwear , i dont know where her mind was in this moment but she allowed it. free-Christian-counseling-10(I couldn’t believe it myself) he turn her over on her stomach and easy a condom on him and stick his penis inside her butt. She said he didnt do anything gentle , he went immediatly in her and caused her pain. He didnt a couple of humps but his penis wasn’t even halfway in her , this didnt even last long. Once he finished he kissed her butt and immediatly left the room . Her but hurt so bad that it was hart to sit and stand. She told me he mention ru… After Kissing Her Butt He Took Her Back To The School & She Went Home & Told Me What Happen. & That was it … We went to church this sunday and the massage was coming from John 9 , When God Told The Women ” Go & Sin No More ” . My friend believes that what God was trying to tell her. What Are Your Thoughts ?

free-Christian-counseling-14_1Sorry for the late reply Lena. Well, a non-believing psychologist would argue that her feeling of guilt made her look out more for some sign, as it is possible to be overly paranoid of such things, but I personally have similar experiences and always think what I could have done wrong when something negative or strange happens to me, or what message God is trying to send me. Sometimes it may be something so simple as tripping but not falling while thinking some negative thoughts, and not noticing anything particular to trip over when I look back. Otherwise, the bible says “chance and misfortune happen to them all”, and since God does not control all of us at once, the misfortune could be because of the evil intent of another person. In your case however I’d say it was quite possible, as I understand that God is not limited to time, since he is eternal, meaning past, present and future at the same time. He could therefore go back down a timeline and plant such a sermon in the heart of the preacher, because he felt it would be important for your friend. So always consider these things and do not be like the unbelievers, who live in denial about God. 

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