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Feels Guilty about Bad Thoughts

Hi. I have a problem. I had a terrible blasphemous thought that i can’t truely remember if i thought on purpose or not. Kind of a what if thought ya know? But after i thought it two things scared me. Number 1: after the first thought i got terrified of what could happen if it were true (i know that it was an untrue possibility but still) and number 2: the fact i had the thought terrified me even more. I need to know if I can be forgiven for this awful blasphemous thoughts. Again im not sure if i thought the thought on purpose or not but I need help. I got really worrie the minute it happened and have asked for forgiveness for it many times. I also have accepted Jesus before this. I need help. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE respond as soon as possible

free-Christian-counseling-36I occasionally reflect on the thoughts that go through my head and it seems often that thoughts, good and bad, are placed there from somewhere else, but what matters is how you yourself respond to them. God sent the devil to test our temptations, and, in the end, it all depends on our own character (or by how much we place our faith in God). There is a cool old Native American tale of a youngster asking the chief about something. The chief explained that there live within us two wolves. One good, the other bad, and they are constantly fighting one another. Like the war waged between are flesh and the Holy Spirit, as explained in the bible. When the young boy asked the chief: “So which wolf wins in the end?” The chief looked down at him and right in the eye, “Depends on which one you feed the most.”

Don’t dwell about the bad thoughts that fall in your head. You will only start drowning in them. Instead, take the power of positive thinking approach, stop yourself when you notice the bad thoughts, and think the types of positive thoughts you want to flourish in your mind and in your life. On the other hand, do not be afraid to self-reflect on why you have these thoughts in the first place. It is healthy to analyse oneself. If you grow to understand a problem, you can address it head on, instead of running away and pretending to be happy. But in the end, no matter what conclusions you will eventually come to regarding yourself, and God and all matters, you will not escape negative thoughts by wallowing in them, but only by getting up and walking away from them, towards the direction you want to go. As the bible says, many fall stray of the thin and narrow path. Life is a path, and if you want to get through the pearly gates, you need to focus on each step and make a decision where you want to go. To make a decision you should work on your knowledge and understanding, continually. “Seek wisdom”, as the bible says. Provide yourselves with the tools. Don’t let yourself be hypnotized by Satan’s magic spells and temptations but turn your gaze around, lest you turn into a pillar of salt.

Well, it’s all just a stream of thought. Hope it helps somewhat!

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