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Worried if His Sin is Unforgiveable

Thank you. I have a question. I feel that what i did was exactly what Jesus was describing as blasphemy and I don’t know if i did what He said was unforgivable. Ya know what He was telling the pharisees? Could you explain that to me a bit? Something happened in my life and i thought “what if it wasn’t God but what if it was the devil?” I don’t truely know if i thought it on purpose or not and i can’t really remember much about it. Could you just tell me if what i did was the unforgivable sin and did i do what Jesus was describing as the unforgivable sin. I have asked for forgiveness a lot since it happened.

There are many online bible sites where you can run a search for words and research this. I personally prefer the NIV New International Version. If I remember correctly, look up the word unforgiveable, or perhaps unforgiv* , if the search engine allows you to use the star to mean “any number of any characters”. I only remember “using the Lord’s name in vain” as unforgiveable, but personally I do not think it is the best approach to use your energies worrying if you had done something unforgiveable but rather use them to PURSUE a closer relationship with God and a more pure life. It is not about running away from something or trying to avoid something else, but to choose the right path and move forward along that, to a positive goal. Try to focus more on the positive rather the fear and negative things. Sure, those have a certain value to help you avoid temptation and sin, but they should not consume you as a primary emotion. Karel

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