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Raped as Child and Finds it Difficult to Break Out of Own Shell

hey i was raped as a kid this is someone else letter but its say the way feel & i want some advice on it pleases help your my last attempt to save myself . I never told a soul. It wasn’t that I was afraid of telling, I just remember thinking that every kid […]

Does What Boyfriend Says because of Low Confidence

I love god but I feel horrible I’ve sinned I have been messing around with a guy who says he loves me but no one knows about us I dont know what to do

Is this guy so evil that you cannot reveal him to your family and friends? What is the problem? That […]

Feels Depressed and Insecure

Hi id like to try email counseling?

Sure, fire away.

Okay so the whole year of 2011 i was a bit depressed. Now im not soo depressed. But i sense some feelings. I cry a lot easier too than i used to. And i hold my feeling in.

Sounds like you’re opening up, which […]

Feels Guilty for Surfing Porno Sites

Hello there. I am 13 years old, and I have had Jesus in my heart ever since I was a little boy. At age 12, even though I was a Christian and Jesus was in my heart, I would go to “bad websites”. Finally, I told myself “enough is enough!”. And I stopped, and promised […]

Anxiety Problems

Hello, I was wondering what kind of counseling you might be able to offer me. Like if you could help me with some serious problems I’ve been having lately. I’ve had scares over my health, the health and safety of some of my loved ones, and my future. I’ve had some extremely stressful things happen […]

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