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Can’t Stop Surfing and Masterbating

I really need an online mentor and help in defeating this addiction to masturbation and porn before it gets worse. Any suggestions would be nice, but I think I need a counselor, too… Maria

Hello Maria,

not sure if online help would be so effective but the best approach might be to find a local support group, like AAA. Or through a church, although I can imagine something like this would be embarrassing to bring up. Or just find yourself some useful distractions. If you have time to sit in front of the computer, surf and masterbate, I’m sure you have time you could be using elsewhere more effectively. A club or something. Looking for online help is pretty well self-defeatist. Just get away from the computer, go out into nature or find a satisfying passtime. The addictions on the TV and internet are a disease – don’t let yourself be tempted by them and just turn it off. Walk away, find something useful to do with your time, and focus on that.

free-Christian-counseling-51What should you do when you actually feel Satan talking to you and telling you to do it? I mean, he doesn’t TALK, but it feels like it. Also, I’m pretty sure I know what a mentor does. Could you explain exactly what a mentor does? Also, doing stuff offline is out of the question. I am only fourteen, and my parents feel that this addiction is only natural. I hope this advice won’t cost anything….

Wow, I seem to get the deepest and to-the-core questions from younger folks. Even as young as 6. The adults get wrapped up in their repetitive problems. You are experimenting with a core element and a big question. Which should actually be openly discussed, instead of everyone doing it in their closets and trying to save face in public. That is all lies, but part of living in a large population as a social animal.
So what do you mean Satan is actually talking to you? Are you talking about your body reaching a certain age when it is time to think about procreation, for the continuation of our species? This feeling is nothing to be ashamed of, because without it none of us would bother and our species would soon die out. It is part of the survival of nature.
free-Christian-counseling-2438_Alive_With_Color,_Beautiful_SunsetOnce you understand it, then you can think about reasons to control it. Mind over matter.
5 cents charge next time we see each other, cause I like icecream. 🙂  Karel

I hope I really don’t need to pay, but I like icecream, too. 🙂
(And doesn’t icecream cost 5 DOLLARS today? 😉
I mean figuratively talking, not really talking.
I understand how at an older age, a teenager gains sexual emotions typical of growing older physically.
I still would like to know what you do as a mentor.
Believe me, I need one, but I would like to know to what extent A mentor will go.
Is it like a parent? teacher? or what?
Also, how would I put my mind over the matter?
ps: I have been told I am many years overly mature for my age, so I can take anything. I’d also like to tell you more about me, but would prefer you start. 🙂
pss: I am 14, but even as an adult a child at heart.

free-Christian-counseling-403930_10151096689515941_923133897_nIt doesn’t cost anything cause this is my way of trying to serve Christ. Another way is, for example, I work through the internet so my interaction tends to be through the computer, although I’ve expanded that a bit to help locals with websites etc. in exchange for dinner and beers or other exchange. Not exactly charity but sort of, and a good way to meet people. And answering these is also a nice break from my regular work, but sometimes I have to put a lid on it. For example, I don’t feel like I’m serving Christ by being a marital counselor and in those cases I ask for a modest payment so they can have a shoulder to cry on or whatever. So I’d prefer that you specifically ask what your problem is. If you need a penpal, which can also be good, a little research should help you find someone. Perhaps someone around your age but located far away so you cannot be embarrassed. Perhaps some chat room.

If you would like to ask for advice, feel free to write to me through my contact form.

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