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Anxiety Problems

Hello, I was wondering what kind of counseling you might be able to offer me. Like if you could help me with some serious problems I’ve been having lately. I’ve had scares over my health, the health and safety of some of my loved ones, and my future. I’ve had some extremely stressful things happen to me the past few days (especially last night) and I thought I was dealing with it alright, but last night I had an anxiety attack. I mistook it at first as a heart attack, which added to the stress. When I realized what it was, I decided I was done dealing with things myself. I need to get help, would prefer not to do it in a counselor’s office in a public place where people I know might see me and ask (or gossip) about what’s wrong. I can’t even talk to my friends or family about it because they don’t know about the anxiety attack. I know I should tell them, but something that happened to my sister last night triggered it and if she knew, she’d feel terrible and worry abo ut me so much that SHE might have an anxiety attack. Can I email you with more information about my problems?

Stress is the number one killer in theUSapparently, more than car accidents. Many people in the west are pumped up with concerns they need this and that to be happy and they end up railroading themselves into a corner of stress. You need to address that, such as the very source of it. Many people feel they need to extend themselves with credit to buy more things to be happy, and then they get all stressed out when the economy turns. There’s the source of stress, and then how to deal with it, such as through meditation and learning how to slow down your busy mind to something that is more manageable. Do activities, such as walks through nature or swimming, that sooth you. And you should really learn to expose yourself and develop an honest relationship with people around you. You should learn to accept and be comfortable with yourself and then people will be comfortable with you. I am absolutely honest with everyone I meet and I never have a problem. Your formula to life seems rather twisted.

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