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A broader understanding of God

Hey dad, been reading a book I thought might interest you. Was in Malaysia and couldn’t get the train seat I wanted, where I knew I could plug in my computer, so had thoughts of buying a book for the journey. Was walking with a girl when I was reminded that I promised to buy […]

Molested by someone soon expected to get out of jail – scared

First I was molested two years ago and Im scared because the guy who did it can get out at anytime

hmm, that’s a tricky one. Does he know how to find you and have you approached the local authorities for advice?

No and I’m 17 so I’m really scared he knows where I […]

Source of Stress

started buying books from amazon and getting them sent to the post office. also occasionally some purchases from ebay. what great tools. cheaper than taking the train or boat to a bigger city. enjoying the luxury of spending more of my time reading good books rather than constantly chasing after success and money, assuming that […]

Quantum Mechanics in Positive Thinking

How about this for a crazy idea? Amazing how many perceptions have opened up for me in this supposed year of our awakening. So I learned that quantum physics has proved that a photon will behave differently if it is observed, and something about the opposite of a photon behaving exactly the same, even if […]

Envy and Spite with Boyfriend’s Daughter

I have been living with my boyfriend for the past 10 months. He has an eight year old daughter who comes over every weekend and school holidays. For the first 2 months we were ok but then she started being disrespectful. She sent me text messages saying to leave her dad alone and she writes […]

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