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Dimensions of God

Hi! In finnish I think a little bit different way…so I wrote that there is more than eternity and God is more than a spirit…My idea was: Eternity may be one among many similar spaces/constructions and God is a spirit but also “green”, “red”, “white”…some descriptive examples? Like we have cognition…and also tons of other systems of existence and thinking? This comes from the sentence For God everything is possible. Because english is not my mother language I sometimes think directly like I would think and talk in finnish. Well – this is known:)? So…let´s come back soon? Yah, I believe that God coexists in all dimensions, or all the dimensions go through him, and that all time stands still for him, so that he can go to any point of time and cause something to happen, and see the results, like finger painting. Can create different levels of reality and play around. And see into all our thoughts, at the same time, over all of time. Quite amazing I’d say!

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