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Problems with partner, doesn’t know why

My husband and I are both believers and have been married for 20 years. Lately, he has been under a lot of stress and seems angry all the time. This morning I unintentionally snapped at him and he blew a gasket. He stormed out of the house and left for work without the normal good bye, kiss and I love you. Now he will be angry for days, we will not speak unless necessary and things will be even more stressful than ever. I tried to call him but he didn’t answer, texted but no reply. I could let things die down for a few days but there has to be a root to these problems, we can’t just ignore the big picture which is that I think our relationship needs help. He will not go to the doctor about being depressed and most days won’t even try to talk to me about his feelings. How can I help him? I fear he might be more depressed than I realize and try to harm himself but he won’t seek help of any kind. Things will be ok (but not great) for a few days or even weeks and then something little like this will start a virtual war! Please respond asap, I am desperate for some help but if he knew I talked to anyone, especially a stranger, he would not like it at all. Please help

Hi Melissa,

my guess would be to ask him why he is angry at you. Not ask him what his problem is, because he might get defensive and angry. You should know the best way how to ask him, so that he does not feel threatened. Tell him that you want your relationship to work and if there is anything that you are doing that bothers him, you’d like to know. If he feels uncomfortable talking about it you can suggest that he writes it on a piece of paper and you can read it in front of him or in private. Only once you know what the problem is can you move forward. Hope this helps!

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