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Worried not reading the bible enough and shows a lack of faith

hi hello. Do u think because i dont read my bible as often as i should that i lack faith? What would you think? I do lack motivation when it comes to daily bible reading, but i do believe in the core message of the gospel but i lack in reading the rest of the bible!!

I find that reading the bible helps me be more spiritual, and helps me deal with problems. Although I admit that, after reading it twice, it can get repressively boring, so I try to find other spiritual reading. Paul says that the Word of God is like spiritual food for us, so it is good to pursue it and try to soak it in. It will help you be more spiritual and “fight against the temptations of the devil”, as they say.

When I read the bible I try to feel for a passage, opening to some page randomly, or based on feeling, and I find that this way God sends me some message, that sinks into my head full of meaning. You only need to read a few passages before falling asleep and it can plant some good thoughts in your head, and get it thinking. Or morning when you first wake up is good. Make sure to meditate as well, cause busy busy busy in the rat race clutters your mind too much and you can lose some important messages.

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