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Connection between mind, body and spirit

It is now becoming an established fact of physics that matter is not actually solid matter but that it is only energy slowed down enough to be perceived as matter – as Einstein worded it.

matter-equals-energy-christian-counselingNow, if we consider, according to quantum theory proven by endless experiments, that the universe is a product of our consciousness and observation, it would make sense, as many are now proposing, that our spirit, soul or consciousness is not some entity somehow encased in our physical bodies (which are not really physical), but that our bodies are more of an embodiment of our own consciousness.

So what happens when our bodies die? The bible says, ” dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.” The bible talks about the Sovereign Lord or “the Spirit” as opposed to our “spirits”, which always made me think that the capital is used as a sort of unification of all spirits. After all, if physicists are working hard to find a unifying theory of all, why can there not be a unification of all spirits in the universe, in the form of God him/herself? By God’s consciousness the physical universe was created and we are pieces of his consciousness or spirit, our observation and that of the culmination of all conscious beings in the universe forming and experiencing it?

Think of all the religions and cultures which respect the deceased body for about three days, believing that the spirit lingers there for about that long. The bible talks about eternal life, or Jesus says that the Kingdom of Heaven is not on some distant mountain or valley, but that it can be found within our hearts. Buddha said the same thing. I have always felt that heaven is not some place way up there that we get to go to in our afterlife if we are good enough, but that it is the eternal spirit that lives within us and which we can find, if we try hard enough.

For example, God defines himself as the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. “Through the eyes of God a day is like a thousand years.” Therefore, in my mind, this “eternal life” that we can inherit is actually the eternal spirit and consciousness of the universe that we can tap into by, for example, high levels of meditation. Buddha himself said that, in a certain moment of his highest level of meditation, he saw his past, present and future lives all at once.

If we consider the fourth dimension (so far we have mathematically proven the existence of at least eleven), it is said to be third dimensional space traveling along a fourth dimension, the timeline. Considering we exist in the lowest of all dimensions and we base our perception of reality on the smallest sliver of the entire frequency band (the visible light frequency), I think we’d have to be pretty vain to believe that what we see is all there is. How can anyone be certain no beings or pieces of consciousness exist and operate in the dimensions above us. I believe that some of these spirits in the upper dimensions are what the bible refers to as demons. Imagine what power you can have over a person if you can see into their thoughts, plant thoughts, and see their past, present and future all at once, as God does?

Which brings us to the new theory speculated in physics — the multiverse theory. By which it is possible to explain the odd behaviour of quarks in quantum physics. If time travel were possible, someone could go back in time, slap their dad in the face at just the right time and successfully prevent them from meeting his future wife. Since that would negate the existence of the slapper, many argue that time travel is simply not possible. But not with the multiverse theory.

The multiverse theory of quantum physics states that an infinite number of outcomes is possible but which do not actually occur until observed. A funny-for-some people example is commonly used among physicists (obviously mostly men) in the form of the exploding cat in the box. It concerns a box in a cat with a bomb, set to explode at a random time. But one can never know whether the cat might even be still there until they open the box.

But the new thought is that your consciousness is alive in the infinite possible outcomes. When you go back in time and slap your dad’s face, you create a new timeline. You continue to exist with your dad, while the old timeline you left from continues to exist without you. While there may be parallel timelines/unviverses where you didn’t go back in time but chose to stay the course of your existing life.

I know, it all sounds crazy when you think that what you see around you is reality simply because that is what we see. But it is a fallacy of logic to presume that just because we see something a certain way, it defines all that can be considered “what really is”.

Then we have the concept of déjà vu. Has it ever happened to you? It has to me several times and it was very uncanny and strange. I do not profess to believe everything I read, but I do like food for thought and to expand my mind, and ponder over possibilities. But one theory states that déjà vu is the product of some sort of hickup in our timelines with ourselves in adjoining parallel universes. Perhaps it is influenced by beings traveling along the fourth dimension timeline influencing our lives in a certain way. Or perhaps something catastrophic happened in one of the timelines and that part of our soul which existed in it merged into the surrounding parallel universes and caused a ripple.

This is obviously all pure speculation, but if we think out of our time-forward-moving box within its limited three dimensional space and understand that the universe is as it is only by our observation, and that our soul or consciousness is part of a greater collectiveness which exists as an eternal entity not limited to time, a lot of things could be explained.

The article that inspired me to write this makes an interesting mention:

According to some sources there are 2,135 Soul Groups participating in the Earth experience right now (who knows how many exist within Source in total, probably many more). Each Soul Group entity is able to subdivide itself into (create) up to 144,000 over-souls, and each over-soul is able to create up to 12 souls, and each soul up to 12 soul-extensions.

This 144,000 is mentioned in the bible and what the Jehova’s Witnesses like to focus so much on, as if that is the only number of us that will make it into heaven and the rest of us will burn in hell forever. I think that the concept of a multiverse and all that I have mentioned before gives room for such concepts as reincarnation, or even soulmate. Is it possible that a soul mate is actually a close fragmentation of yourself? Again, I like food for thought, to explore, and grow my mind.

The above article talks about the Over-Soul, as some sort of mediating consciousness level between ourselves and God. Yogas and meditators refer to it as their “higher self”. You become aware of such things during higher levels of meditation, when you are able to still the cluttered thoughts in your mind and worries of daily life such that you are able to perceive things around you that you would not otherwise when you are busy, busy, busy.

This then brings us the concept of a collective consciousness. There are many studies and experiments confirming its existence. One for example focused on a species of monkeys, teaching them a certain trick to get food. One of the monkeys was smart enough to figure it out, after which the rest of the monkeys learned from the first one. After that they took the experiment to another island, but each time they found that the monkeys learned faster, as if they somehow they already knew in their deep unconsciousness.

Then we have the case of many geniuses who profess they never masterminded their theories but that they came to them from elsewhere. For example, Einstein was once riding a bike when he dreamily tried to imagine what it would be like to be a beam of light riding a bicycle, when he received a flash of genius and labeled it as the theory of relativity. Since he wasn’t so good in math, it is claimed, it took him two years to put down this theory into E=MC2.


When you look at our brains, it is just a bundle of fat and nerves. There is no harddrive – no real place to store memory or knowledge. Many are now saying that the nerves in fact somehow tap into zero point space in the universe and that geniuses are able to tap into existing data at higher levels than we can. I myself admit that pretty well all my ideas came to me. Sometimes they would be pretty intricate and complicated, but I did not build them from the ground up, but rather they came to me as a sailing ship emerging out of the fog. At first I would look this ship up and down, trying to figure out what it’s all about, and as it approached me and I could see it in greater detail, I grew to understand it and see the geniusness of the plan. Perhaps you could try reflecting on certain great bursts of genius thoughts in your life and ask yourself, honestly, how they came about.

Speaking of the brain, I’ve read a few articles about people who suffered injuries, or perhaps some slow disease, which would consume as much as 95% or their brains, yet they continued to function remarkably well, considering. Certainly at a somewhat reduced cognitive state, but hardly close in relation to the percentage of their brain they lost.

And lastly, I’d like to mention the concept of Kundalini, regarding the mind/soul/body connection. Five years ago I would have scoffed at any of the concepts above, but I came into contact with people who introduced me to the idea, amongst many others, that our bodies are frequency, electrical impulses traveling along nerves, energy constantly flowing through our bodies, which the Chinese have termed Chi and Chai. It is the meridian points of these energy flows that they focus on in their acupuncture healing techniques. As these energies constantly flow through our body, they create focus points termed as chakras. There are seven in our body located along (and one below and one above) our spine, the sixth hovering in front of our forehead, or projected in front of our pineal gland. Yogas say that, through certain exercises and meditation, these seven energy points can be joined to tap into the energy of the planet, which bursts up through the body and opens up the pineal gland, otherwise referred to as the third eye. When researching about this I stumbled across one website which warned against this and posted testimonies by curious people who dabbled in this but who were somehow spiritually thrown out of their bodies, which became an empty house to be occupied by demons. A freaky read in any case, whether you believe it or not. Many of them have managed to reconnect properly to their bodies, but say it required the intercession of Jesus Christ.

I can also mention the Monroe institute, based on one person’s studies of projecting his consciousness or spirit out of his body so that he could travel elsewhere, otherwise referred to as “remote viewing”. I’ve also come across many articles stating that both the US and Russian intelligence have experimented with this approach for spying purposes. Allegedly, one Russian astronaut, who was very successful with remote viewing, could with a high probability of success state the correct card (three of diamonds etc.) that someone was holding down on earth. So apparently distance is not an issue.

Lucid dreaming is a half step to such out of body experiences and I have had these myself. For many years I would have a certain number of recurring nightmares, until it started to frustrate me so much that I decided to confront my fears. During my waking life, I made a conscious decision to respond in a certain way the next time I experienced one of those nightmares. Sure enough, over a period of years, I learned to overcome all of them. I’ve gotten to the point now that, once I am aware I am dreaming, I can stay in a dream state, fly if I want to, and control my environment at will, like in the movie Matrix. But it does require some concentration.

In any case, I am sure that, for many, these ideas may seem totally off the wall, but to keep yourself stuck in the usual box just because of what you see and subsequently perceive as reality, and just because that’s what the majority of people believe, you will only be limiting yourself. It will not hurt to think about and consider other possibilities.

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