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Excommunicated from church because he didn’t want to reach out to Muslims

I would greatly appreciate your prayers. And beg that you would please reply with anything, words of wisdom, comfort, encouragement? Or preferably to tell me this is not happening, it\’s all a cruel joke. A bad dream, or something.

Hello, I am nobody, but I do know Jesus to whom goes all glory for my over 16 years sobriety, and any good that I am able to do since the day my life was transformed when I abandoned myself conpletely asking God with all my heart and soul to please take over my life and do anything He wants with it, and please keep me sober. Since that day my life has been a truly more than amazing spiritual journey, up from a bottom of the barrel, crawling on the ground drunken drug addicted waste, wishing only that I would die, or at least be anyone, or anything other than who I was, to a sober, friend of Jesus, grateful even for the blessing of having this chance to have been born into this world and experience the beauty of all God\’s creation, appreciating more than anything else that Jesus has made Himself so clear to me, let me know Him, more real and present than anything my mere mortal eyes can see, happy for every day, and just being me. I wouldn\’t trade places with anyone. As life goes, in my sober years, I also was faced with many very difficult, sometimes almost unbearable struggles, but always stayed sober, kept my faith, and kept praying, thanking, and trusting God, no matter what, and eventually began to see how Jesus somehow always, not only gets me through them, but uses the tough times to show or teach me something, or get me somewhere better than where I had been trying to get myself, often better than i even knew exsisted, always in some way that i, or no man, could have ever imagined, or foreseen. I love my life with Jesus, and especially lately I sometimes just smile in the face of certain types of these trials, and imagine Him smiling back at me, maybe chuckling a bit, saying ok, you asked for it, as I recall when I walked into a church where i rarely go and there was pencils and markers and a wall they encouraged people to write their prayers on before they paint it over, and not really sure why, just following my spirit, I wrote, use me Lord, as I believe I had read in a Bible story, although i don\’t recall exactly where right now.

I am writing you at this time to say I am at another one of those trials. This time involving the UCC church which I loved, where I was a member, where I would pray on my knees before every service for God to speak to us through our Pastor today, give us the ears and hearts to get His message, and bind us all here together in a special bond in Jesus name, and where I had such powerful experiences with Christ in my life, that I first began writing about them.

About a few months or so ago my Pastor first mentioned making some intentional effort to reach out, not exactly to spread the gospel, but it seemed just rather to mingle with, and befriend the muslim community. Assuming him as our God appointed leader I tried to go along with this, but soon began feeling a type of disturbed feeling in my soul about it. Sort of as I had felt previously when it occurred to me how wrong it was that all my colleagues at a huge corporation where i worked we\’re afraid to speak-up about the employee abuse that was going on in our workplace, about which I did speak-up, and despite the extreme illegal retaliation I suffered, severe depression from the grueling 2-year legal battle that achieved nothing but to remove my naivness about gross systematic corporate corruption, and the loss of what I had thought was the security of the job I had invested 10 of the last best prime sober working years of my life, Jesus came thru in a miraculous way again in the end when He told me to go to the park, sit down, and start reading my Bible and when i did all the resentment and despair was lifted as I read the revealing words He guided me to, replaced by gratitude for so many ways He continues to bless me, and all the things and ways He has used to shape, mold, and allow me to know Him. I don\’t know yet how this latest trial will play out. He seems to be trying to decrease my naivness about the truth of things in this world, such as the government is controlled by the rich, and even the church\’s faith in Him is not sincere, but I\’m sure that\’s not all. As it will again of course be something way better than me or any man could ever have planned or even imagined as that is how He seems to be sure to let us know that it is truly Him. Anyway, as the Pastors odd intent progressed I very gently mentioned I was not feeling good about it. Then a little later as I began hearing the rooster crow, I tried to appeal to him that as I know we are not capable to condemn, but ourselves, as we do in trying to condemn others, and I do believe all our actions should be rightly motivated by love, i do not know the answer, but when I hear our people being taught about how good these Christless muslims are, It brings to mind a good man of Christ, Peter I think it was, who despite his love for Jesus, and swearing he would never deny Him, before he even realized what was going on, do to his fear of offending those around him, he had denied Christ 3-times before the rooster crowed. I don\’t know if he got it, but if so, he certainly didn\’t care about my concern. Then when I went in one day after there had apparently been an event where I believe there was a muslim speaker, and began hearing talk from a church member about how good muslims, and even \’sharia law\’ is, although I did not want to, as it would be much easier to not say anything, I felt I had to email the pastor, a great man whom I love, in an act of what I thought was iron sharpening iron, my further concern that I think it \’would be\’ blasphemous \’if\’ a Christian Shepard were to believe, and/or guide others to believe as I was afraid this was leaning toward, that it\’s OK to be muslim, and people don\’t really need Jesus, and if it were ok to not believe, then why would God give His only son to be born through immaculate conception, live, and teach, and suffer and die such horrible agony being crucified on the cross, and then be resurrected to conquer sin and death for all mankind who place their faith in Him, and keep Him in their heart?

Despite my never expressing, or even considering even the slightest anger, ugliness, or anything but faith, love, concern, and conviction for Christ from my gratitude for all that He has done for me in my life, I got an angry response, and told to drop off my church key. After that I skipped one week, and went in the next Sunday only to be confronted by the Pastors wife on my way to drop off the key at his office after service, who with glaring fire in her eyes told me that people used to be burned at the stake for what I had supposedly accused him of, and pointing firmly to the door, ordered me to leave now. I thought maybe as she may have just been having a wife and motherly over protective reaction or something, and it will be ok later. But then I got a certified letter saying that, as per the constitution of the UCC, I was not only no longer allowed to go to church there, with those who I had loved, prayed and worshipped with for years, but banned from the entire property and premises.  What in the world is going on at the UCC?, and in our world today.Do you really think this is what Jesus would do? I am not at all angry, but shocked and hurt to tears at what I\’m seeing and hearing as the Pillars of Christianity crumble in our nation, to the point that actual conviction to the One true God, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, gets you  kicked out, and banned from the church premises The devil himself I\’m sure is jumping for joy at this, his ultimate victory, getting Christian leaders to deny the need of all mankind, and therefore of course any of mankind, for Jesus Christ

Hi X, will try to write again once at the computer.
I lived in middle east and Muslim Asia for several years and would say that muslims are fundamentally very nice. I was surprised when I learned that they all believe Jesus existed and respect the Bible, just that they believe Jesus was only a prophet and not the son of God, and follow Mohammed, who believed that Christians were becoming too corrupt and loose in their ways, and received conviction and a message from God on how to practice certain things to help you stay closer to the path and not stray left or right. Yet, like God says in the Bible, “humans are the vilest of all creatures”. We are like weltering puss in a ghetto’s sewer compared to the refreshing breeze of Christ’s Spirit. Only a dumb redneck would say “God hates fags”. Jesus never preached anything of the sort but would even stand in front of the adulterous woman and challenged the crowd, “Let ye without sin cast the first stone”. So don’t take it personally if you were excommunicated from your church. Like Paul said as he was leaving a town where they rejected him, simply brush the dust off your feet and move on. Follow Jesus in your heart and something else will be provided. I myself stopped going to church because everywhere I went, with very few exceptions, the message seemed too watered down to make it worth my time and I can find greater solace walking through a forest, as I feel that nature is God’s body. Meditate on finding the Spirit within you or tuning into that, and sticking to the path within. And give muslims a chance. Although they too have strayed from the path in their own way, it is still no reason to judge them harshly. We all stray in our own way. They truly love God too and we should all learn to love one another, as God commands, and stop all these stupid wars based on minor differences in our faith.

To be clear, i do believe that, as He loved me while i was still a pathetic wretched alcohol/drug addict, He loves us all including muslims, and even ‘rednecks’ hmm?, I don’t know the answer, maybe something closer to live and let live, but I do know that as God told Habakkik, He is always working, in all things, beyond what our mere human minds can ever imagine, and i am forever grateful beyond words, that even in my own life, I have continually experienced this in powerfully miraculous ways that could not possibly have been humanly planned or ever forseen.  I understand that just as our individual relationship to each person we know in our life is not exactly the same, His relationship with each of us has a personal aspect also, and each of us are in whatever stage of our ever growing journey that we are in at any time. Yes, I too spend a lot of time in nature, alone with Him, sometimes all day, or even night,  and constantly marvel at everything about the amazing design, beauty, artistry of His work, and the incredible blessing of ever even having this chance to have been born into this world to enjoy and appreciate the indescribable wonder of His creation, and most grateful of all for having the opportunity to know Him in this way. Thank you very much for your taking the time to communicate here. God bless you in your life and all that you do, and along with your prayers for peace in this world, please also pray even more importantly for increased true conviction for Christ in our world, nation, communities, and sadly that this should even need to be said, in our Churches. Sincerely.

okay Bob, glad to help out in any way that I can and hope everything works out for you. Keep up the faith, Karel

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