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Seeking purpose in life

I feel like I’m wasting God’s time. I feel like I’m useless to him. I don’t know my purpose and I want to know it. I’m desperate. All my life he’s taking care of me. And his people have provided for me and help me. And when they need me the most I’m a table to return the love and support. I feel like I’m a disappointment.

have you prayed for a purpose? But sometimes when these prayers are answered it could involve some suffering,

Yes, I did.

and how many times and how earnestly? to tell you the truth i occasionally make the same prayer, looking for more meaning in my life. also, sometimes you just need to grab the bull by the horns and do things yourself. i remember one girl in church who kept complimenting me that God is using me, but she failed to realise all the measures i had taken myself simply because i wanted to do more things or charitable activities. you can sit and meditate and ponder and look for ideas, and then eventually act on them. like the bible says, “seek and you shall find”. this can apply to everything, seeking the truth, seeking a closer relationship with God, more purpose etc. Seeking can be considered an action, not just a passive prayer. i spent so much time once approaching NGOs so i could do some charitable activities. so much time wasted jumping through loops and hoops and application processes, i finally came to the conclusion that, if i can start my own business, why not start my own charity? so i started to think about what i could do and the idea came to me in about five minutes. perhaps you could try being a little more proactive about your approach?

Thank you! I’ll try that.

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