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Dimensions of God

Hi! In finnish I think a little bit different way…so I wrote that there is more than eternity and God is more than a spirit…My idea was: Eternity may be one among many similar spaces/constructions and God is a spirit but also “green”, “red”, “white”…some descriptive examples? Like we have cognition…and also tons of other […]

Selfish people

Yes, I can see that: how people are naturally. The bible refers to it as people acting according to their own instincts, but if you allow yourself to be spiritually transformed through the Holy Ghost you learn about selflessness and everything becomes an entirely different ballgame. It’s not necessarily an easy thing […]

Stress reduces the quality of your life

good news, sounds nice. Will write tomorrow. I am also trying to move. found great place across the street but they are checking me with my present landlord and ta krava does no answer the phone so I may lose it. I am very upset, did not sleep. Place is little bigger […]

Inspiration Story About Music

cool, reminds me of something beautiful and assuring that Keta told me when I was complaining about people complaining about my playing. I can hear the mistakes myself, as I play 10 instruments, compose my own music and have good enough ears to tune up an entire band fairly quickly. In any […]


My Christian stepmother was asking me what I thought of the below email, since I have become such an advocate of Muslim ever since I lived in the Middle East for a while. (This inspired me to write:


This is a true story and the author, Rick Mathes, is […]

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