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The Benefits of Giving

For a long time I was going about things rather selfishly. I have my aspirations, goals, dreams, and a desire to please God. In between all my own desires I would try to squeeze in some pleasing sacrifice. Perhaps help out a homeless person on the street. Big plans for a charity project but slow […]

When you judge others it is a good time to look at yourself

I recently ran into a problem with one girl who unfriended me from Facebook and started spreading malicious reports about me because I had not joined her in her hate crusade against one fellow she had become emotionally entangled with. I served an ear and warm shoulder to rest on, but when the fellow came […]

The power of positive thinking

It’s funny how almost three years ago I received a year-long translation on the subject of the power of positive thinking, then lived on an island for the last year where people are constantly bombarding me with the same message, but somehow could not implement it. I’d be going through my daily chores often filled […]

The Advantage of Keeping Your Good Foot Forward, Your Mouth Shut, or Behaving Christ-Like

I may have covered this subject already but such cases are best served by examples. I moved to this new environment and right from the beginning a certain individual really rubbed me the wrong way. He was constantly frowning, like I angered him for some reason, would absolutely ignore me when I greeted him in […]

Volunteer for Christ

Below are some ways which have occurred to me how someone can dedicate their time to serving Christ. Perhaps the most obvious or standard solution is to stand in the streets and holler through a megaphone, but I feel that this approach can be rather abrasive, and even embarrassing. After all, I do not believe […]

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