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Below are some interesting links I have found while surfing.

These sites I found are listed from top to bottom according to how I felt they were interesting. Please feel free to report any dead links.

Goshen, bible study toolsexcellent resource site; online search through bible; sermons source <10>
Christian Classics
Ethereal library, good collection of reading material <8>
Christian reading
some readings that I’ve read myself and would recommend <8>
JRM pages
nice sermons and articles <7>
Concordia Theological Seminary
links to downloadable Christian reading, such as all the works of Martin Luther <7>
Liberals like Christ
preaching that Christianity is not the monopoly of the ultra-conservative right
nice and sincere site from which to draw inspiration; uplifting stories and testimonies <4.5>
Hebrew letters with numerical meaning
explaining the numerical meaning of Hebrew characters, as such shedding greater light on biblical messages.
Arthur Blessit
the man who carried the cross around the world to every nation; pictures and tales of his travels; uplifting <3.5>
Bible Gateway
online word or phrase bible search (including New International Version)

These I haven’t research much yet but caught my attention:

Christian radio: The Path
Bible logic“This site is intended for the intellectual man or woman who is turned off by the hypocrisy and mysticism prevalent in many Churches”
Jack van ImpeSpecialises in prophesy

Here are some other site categories I have created for this site:

Jokes – everyone needs to laugh once in a while. I have carefully selected these jokes so that they would be as innocent as possible. I hope none of these offend anyone. For those more resilient, here are some badder jokes (I couldn’t resist).


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